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Another One?

March 22nd, 2009 · 7 Comments

Its that time of year where I start thinking about getting (and selling) spinning wheels.  Primarily because boating season is coming up I consider what would be the best onboard.  Both in terms of being able to carry it, stow it and actually have a footprint small enough to use it and honestly, worth spinning on for more than a few moments at a time.

Now I’m a firm believer in that there is no one wheel for everyone. ¬†Someone might love one and I just don’t like it. ¬†The reverse is definitely true. ¬†What I need from a summer travel wheel is:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact (fold / take apart)
  3. Good spinning

Last fall I purchased a used Ashford Joy which I thought would fit all these. ¬†And probably would. ¬†However I just didn’t enjoy spinning on it. ¬†It was a touch heavier than I really wanted and I hadn’t gotten a carry bag for it yet. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of Ashford wheels. ¬†I know there are those who absolutely adore them. ¬†I am not one.

Not too terribly long ago, I bought a Louet Victoria as my ideal travel wheel. ¬†It is both small, lightweight, has travel bag and is a decent spin with the flyer to the front. ¬†I get nervous in tight spots where the flyer sticks out behind the wheel (Sonata specifically) and figure some kid is going to trip and fall into the hooks while I’m spinning. ¬†But I got the initial release of the Victoria and had a problem with the loose scotch tension knob. ¬†It wouldn’t stay in and hold the adjustment. ¬†That’s a deal breaker in my book. ¬†So I sold it and bought something else, probably the Gem. ¬†I’ve long lost track of what left when something else came in. ¬†I do know I sold my Journey Wheel for the Victoria but that shall not be mentioned as it was probably a mistake.

I put out some feelers about the Victoria as to whether others had the same problem I did with it. ¬†Apparently, Louet has modified the knob in the interim and inserted a screw into the other side to hold it in place. ¬†Win! ¬†I surfed around and found that Spunky Eclectic had a floor model on sale. ¬†After peppering Amy with questions, I ordered it. ¬†She shipped it out super fast and it arrived on Friday. ¬†It’s arrival was eclipsed by the Featherweight, but she did get some use last night (while I finally watched the BSG finale… sigh – I’m going to really miss that show!)



She is a tiny wheel isn’t she? ¬†I think you can get a good sense of size of the Van Eaton to the right. ¬†

I spun 2 oz of bfl during the 2 hours of the finale and really enjoyed it. ¬†The ankle didn’t complain about the treadle action, even on the smallest whorl. ¬†I do think I will be getting the woolee winder for it as I found the hook was slipping along the arm of the flyer. ¬†Not a huge problem or deal breaker but annoying, and with the small bobbins I want to be able to cram more. ¬†Both equal WW in my book.

As you know, if one enters, one has to go. ¬†For the first time, I’ve actually sold two. ¬†The Joy and Ladybug were both sold. ¬†The bug was picked up today and the Joy is waiting to either be picked up/delivered or shipped though the money has changed hands. ¬†I’m down one. ¬†Hmm.. I can technically get another one. ¬†I think I’ll leave that slot open in case Schacht turns out a folding travel wheel or a used Journey Wheel turns up. ¬†I’ve put requests out for one and the Bosworths know I’m looking in case someone contacts them with one for sale.

I’ve spent the day with needles in hand making much progress on that Tulip sweater for my niece. ¬†I have the hem, front bands and the first sleeve just about done. ¬†I also soaked and blocked Mr. Not-So-Greenjeans. ¬†And yes, I’ve played the Sims a bit. ¬†Sock knitting is perfect for that and I have one going. ¬†I think I’ll have a Monday Sims post for you tomorrow night 😉 ¬† That’s about it for tonight. ¬† I’m off to read a little before bed.

Craft on!

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