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Gone are the dark clouds

March 6th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Yes, I was glum a few days ago. ¬†I’ve adjusted to life without a computer in my bag for a few day. ¬†Sadly the MacBook won’t turn on. ¬†It has an appointment at the Genius Bar tomorrow morning. ¬†Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad (I’m hoping against hope for something simple and cheap… and not the $600 logic board).

All is not bleak and dark now though.  My tax refund hit my checking account this morning.  Have to love direct deposit.  I already did my part to stimulate the economy and bought this:

My new 13.3 2.4Ghz MacBook. ¬†I shall not have an empty bag soon. ¬†I also ordered a RAM upgrade for it from J&R for way less than Apple charges. ¬†We have a new rule about beverages and laptops in my house. ¬†I guess that’s understandable.

Work is going extremely well too! ¬†I finished the development of a component that a partner company is waiting for yesterday, about 5 days ahead of schedule. ¬†Got a “you go” email from my boss. ¬†Yay me.

Mr. Not-s0-Greenjeans is moving right along.  I finished the second sleeve at SnB last night and picked up the buttonband this morning while commuting.  I was ecstatic when I got the same number of stitches on both front pieces the first shot.  I just need to adjust 2 stitches in the next row so that I have the right number for the stitch pattern.  Not bad if you ask me.   I also bought the perfect button for it last night. 


As my SnB buds noted last night, the sweater IRL is way bluer. ¬†The iPhone on the ferry in the morning isn’t capturing the true blue, but dulling it out to a denim-y blue instead. ¬†When it is done, I’ll try to get a good shot with the right light and the big Canon DSLR for ya. ¬†

Have a great weekend!

Craft on!

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