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Yin and Yang

March 3rd, 2009 · 7 Comments

The last couple of days have seen definite Yin-Yang going on in  my life.  



I finished the first sleeve for Mr. Not-So-Greenjeans on the way home Friday night.  I just need to get going on the second sleeve.

Even Better:

How far would you drive for a spin in? ¬†Here’s my answer (round trip)


JessaLu invited me to a spin-in at her house and because she said the monkeys could come, I did! ¬†We went up Saturday morning. ¬†Drive took just about 2 hours, which was then followed by many hours of spinning, good nibbles and excellent conversation. ¬†Can’t beat a house full of spinners!¬†We turned it into a slumber party! ¬†I had a blast, as did the kids. ¬†It was awesome to finally meet R. ¬†We went out for lunch on Sunday and from there headed home. ¬†It was a long drive but so worth it! ¬†Thanks Jess for having us.

Another good thing, I finished spinning up the final 8oz of Little Barn merino (first bobbin picture) that I bought in MD last year.

Now you may have noticed that there are no pictures. ¬†That’s the beginning of the bad. ¬†The Yin to the Yang. ¬†While I’d love to blame it all on tech problems, I did have camnesia at the actual spin-in. ¬†But I tried to take a picture of my hosts at lunch on Sunday. ¬†When I pulled out my Elph, it directed me to change the battery pack. ¬†Nice. ¬†I don’t have multiple battery packs for it. ¬†I’ll have to give it a go with the charger, but I’ve noticed reduced times between charging over the last couple of months. ¬†Might be time for a replacement. ¬†That’s one.

Oh-ho you have an iPhone, why didn’t you take picture with that, you might be asking. ¬†Well, when i got into the car Sunday to head to the restaurant, I noticed that my iPhone battery was blinking red. ¬†No prob, i have a car charger. ¬†’Cept it totally ignored the car charger. ¬†Borrowing Jess’ charger was helpful for the ride. ¬†Figured I could charge it up till we left lunch and have enough juice to get home. ¬†No no mon frere, not so fast. ¬†My car’s power ports (lighters for the older among us) are not powered when the car is off. ¬†Sigh. ¬†The phone was busy charging in Jess’ car while we ate. ¬†Ergo, no pictures of the charming hosts. ¬†That’s two.

I brought my MacBook with me over the weekend. ¬†Nothing surprising as it is usually with me. ¬†Fits nicely in that rice bag I bought about a month ago at Modern Yarn. ¬†I pulled it out to play with it at Jess’ and had awful trouble staying connected to her wifi. ¬†I’ve had periodic issues at home, but nothing like this. ¬†Ever notice how hard it is to Google for an answer when you can’t stay connected? ¬†ARG! ¬†I lost about 2 hours to the fight to get it working Sunday morning. ¬†In the end, I couldn’t get it to stay on her router. ¬†I did turn up that there was a problem with Leopard (10.5.3+) and wifi. ¬†I thought this was three, but I was premature.

Upon arriving home on Sunday, after unpacking and saying hello to the folks (who had been out at my sister’s in PA for the weekend), I settled down to work on the MacBook. ¬†I was in a bit of luck. ¬†Both the MacBook and my iMac were having trouble connecting. ¬†Not surprising, they were both running the same OS and both using Wifi. ¬†Long story short, got them both fixed by rolling back the wifi kext to the 10.5.2 version. ¬†Not a grand solution, but I’m having no problems connecting, nor staying connected now. ¬†Further pissing me off while fighting with that was the DVR was totally ignoring the remote and wouldn’t let me turn on anything. ¬†I got back at it, turned off the damn TV and turned on iTunes. ¬†So there. We won’t go into my mucking up the Sims 2 install on the MacBook because I was being dopey. ¬†I trashed it all and reinstalled (with the no-dvd patch) it but lost all my saves. ¬†Oh well, was getting tired of that family and house 😉 ¬†I started a new one.

I’m pretty sure I’d put the snow on the bad side of the ledger. ¬†We all know my distaste for the stuff. ¬†At least the folks were home and i didn’t have to snowblow 🙂 ¬†The kids’ daycare was closed due to the snow yesterday and I worked from home. ¬†I had been working at my desk on my MacBook. ¬†I ran downstairs for a minute, leaving Kat in my room. ¬†She came downstairs to get me because she’d spilled some water on my desk while trying to play Tux Paint on my iMac. Oh yeah, the spill was on my computers. ¬† I grabbed a kitchen towel and went running upstairs to find a puddle with ice on the keyboard of the MacBook and a now half empty water glass next to it. ¬†I pulled the power cable off and thats about when it shut down. ¬†I hope I didn’t short anything out when it switched to battery. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I turned it over and massive amounts of water poured out of the keyboard. ¬†I took it apart (excellent instructions on the net for doing that!) and dried it with both a towel and a hair dryer on cool.

Want to know what the inside of a MacBook looks like?


and the underside of the keyboard…


I reassembled it, but the light on the power cord doesn’t come on when I plug it in. ¬†I’m have a faint glimmer of hope that a few days sitting unmolested will allow it to dry out fully and turn back on. ¬†

Having now sold my netbook to my mother, and the macbook out of commission, I have no little puter to schlep with me. ¬†Might get some knitting done during my commutes now as Jess joked last night. ¬†I had been planning on getting one of the snazzy new 13″ aluminium MacBooks with my tax refund (due to hit Friday!!!!!). ¬†The downside is that I had a prospective buyer for this one.

I’m starting to think that there’s a black cloud following me. ¬†In this morning’s freezing cold, I got stuck between the daycare center and my train station in some g-d awful traffic. ¬†There was no way I’d get through it and still make the train. ¬†I swung a U-ee and headed for a different station, closer to home. ¬†I don’t have a permit to park in that lot, and even if I did, it is full by 7:15AM. ¬†So I parked illegally in a shopper lot behind the CVS and walked over to the station. ¬†Upside, I can take the express trains today. ¬†Downside is that it is a 3¬†hour lot. ¬†I called home and mom thinks that they just ignore for the first offense. ¬†I was good with that. ¬†But there’s a thin ray of light coming through the cloud as dad got on the phone and offered to go get my car!!! ¬†They’ll pick me up tonight.

I hope that cloud is moving off.

Craft on!

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