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Hodge Podge

March 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments

This is going to be one of those a little of this, a little of that posts. ¬†My head hurts due to the impending rain storm and I’m having a little trouble concentrating. ¬†Which isn’t a good thing as I have a massive amount to do at work and a code freeze at the end of April. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I’m hoping the excedrin and pseudofed I took will kick in soon and let me get some work done. ¬†Until then…

Here’s some random stuff.


I finished assembling the blocks for Kat’s quilt topper last night. ¬†I’ve been sewing for the last two nights. ¬†Tues night I was a bit tired and kind of futzed things ups in assembling the rows of 4 blocks. ¬†Instead of right sides together, I did on row with wrong sites. ¬†Didn’t notice it until I naturally finished all the blocks on the row. ¬†To compound the problem, while ripping out the defective seams, I pulled one of the good ones from the middle of the block. ¬†Fortunately I managed to not screw up any further and made decent progress. ¬†Last night I finished the rest. ¬†


I still have to add the sashing but that shouldn’t be too much trouble 😉 ¬†Hopefully this weekend I’ll make it up to Joann’s and pick up some batting and backing fabric. ¬†I’ll probably machine quilt it on the Featherweight with some simple in the ditch quilting. ¬†Someday I’d like to get a free arm thingy but right now I don’t have the room for it. ¬†I’ve ordered a bunch of charm packs online so I have future quilts planned. ¬†I need to get some boy patterns and make one for Xander. ¬†I found that the kit I picked up for him was all floral patterns. ¬† I need to surf a bit 😉

Location, Location, Location

I know I posted a view to the south of my office building. ¬†The view to the West isn’t much better, though it can be interesting. Directly across the street from us is a NYU dorm building. ¬†Depending on the modesty of the students and whether they’ve figured out how to work the shades in their room, the view from our conference rooms can be distracting during a meeting 🙂 ¬†

Its the Northern and Eastern views from the office that are on the money. ¬†I know I was taken by them when I first showed up for my interview. ¬†Here’s due east:


South Street Seaport & East River

South Street Seaport & East River

and this is the northern view:


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

This would explain why i was a little freaked out watching I Am Legend.  I was much relieved when I got into the office the next morning and saw the bridge still intact!  Sadly, my cubicle is on the western side of the floor and while I can see through a window, I see dorm space.


Been a while since I posted a pet picture. ¬†I’m still amazed oh-s0-many years after becoming a cat person, as to how very flexible they are and how comfy they can get.


Getting comfy

Getting comfy

Finally, there’s this great list: ¬†10 Business Lessons Learned from BSG. ¬†You might not have ever watched the show, or even like scifi (though scifi at its best is just a commentary on our current situations in a spaceship wrapper and BSG is that in spades!), but I think this list is spot on. ¬†Your thoughts?

Okay, headache is taming so I’m off to write some code. ¬†Tonight is SnB. ¬†Yay!

Craft on!

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Common sight

March 24th, 2009 · 8 Comments

Working in the building next to AIG’s Water Street location has been interesting recently. News trucks are common these days. I noticed this morning that they removed their name from the front of the building. A security guard was plainly visible outside the door and a NYPD car stationed in front.

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The Adama Family

March 23rd, 2009 · 4 Comments

The Adama Family saga continues. ¬†When I last left off, Benjamin had just become a teen. ¬†There’s been a lot of things happening since then. ¬†Abe and Christy are now elders. ¬†Ugh. ¬†Elders are a pain. ¬†They get cranky. ¬†And their rate of decay is way faster than the other adults. ¬†And I’ve got two of them in a house.

I moved Benjamin off to college when Belanna became an adult and set about pairing her off. ¬†She isn’t the nicest of people and builds devil snowmen.


A penguin strolled by and struck up a conversation with the snowman..


She did strike up a relationship with Darren Dreamer.


Hearts flew and they went to the alter. ¬†Sorry the light is so cruddy. ¬†They had a nighttime wedding (both had early morning jobs and I didn’t want to wait 😉 and I um forgot to put outside lights. ¬†Sue me.


The folks like him too.  Here they are toasting the newlyweds.  


I swear, I had nothing to do with Abe’s pink tuxedo. ¬†The game takes care of generating outfits and sometimes you get a winner, and others? ¬†a pink tuxedo 😉 ¬†Anyway, I moved the newlyweds to the bedroom where they succeeded with the Try For Baby. ¬†Yay! ¬†The C generation was underway. ¬†

Well shortly after the household went to sleep, I saw Belanna get up and head to the kitchen. ¬†She was super hungry but I didn’t think it was that big a deal. ¬†Until she fell to the floor in front of the stove and the grim reaper showed up!


I couldn’t get any of her sleeping family members up and into the kitchen fast enough to plead for her soul. ¬†Sigh. ¬†Bela was gone. ¬†Good thing I had the spare heir. ¬†

I popped over to the university, forced Ben to drop out (I don’t really like playing them through school) and after forcing the widower to move out, brought him home to fulfill the heir duties. ¬†Much to my surprise, one of the wants he rolled was to resurrect Belanna! ¬†I had no clue you could do that. ¬†Thanks to Google, I figured out how and managed to do just that.

Bela is back! ¬†Oddly enough, she came back with no memory of Darren at all. ¬†When I saw him missing from her family tree, I figured the pregnancy was a non-happening too. ¬†Much to my surprise, 10 minutes after she came back she ran off to the bathroom with morning sickness! ¬†She came back pregnant! ¬†YAY. ¬†I can’t say as I’m upset that Darren is out of the picture. ¬†He was 15 days away from being an elder. ¬†


Three sim days later, she had boy/girl twins:  Caprica and Cavil.


The Bela’s family tree shows just her producing them. ¬†I like that. ¬†I can totally relate 😉 ¬†If you go into the babies’ trees, Darren is there as the father. ¬† I’m glad that if one thing didn’t happen that it was the marriage and not the babies 🙂

Playing the sims, when you’re not dealing with elders, babies and/or pregnant women is super knitting gaming. ¬†There’s alot of sitting around and waiting for things to happen. ¬†Especially when the household works or they are all sleeping, even though the game goes into fast forward mode, there’s still waiting time. ¬†Presenting my Sims sock.


Just a plain-jane stockinette sock in Colinette Jitterbug.  US1 over 52st makes them fast socks.  

Craft on!

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Another One?

March 22nd, 2009 · 7 Comments

Its that time of year where I start thinking about getting (and selling) spinning wheels.  Primarily because boating season is coming up I consider what would be the best onboard.  Both in terms of being able to carry it, stow it and actually have a footprint small enough to use it and honestly, worth spinning on for more than a few moments at a time.

Now I’m a firm believer in that there is no one wheel for everyone. ¬†Someone might love one and I just don’t like it. ¬†The reverse is definitely true. ¬†What I need from a summer travel wheel is:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact (fold / take apart)
  3. Good spinning

Last fall I purchased a used Ashford Joy which I thought would fit all these. ¬†And probably would. ¬†However I just didn’t enjoy spinning on it. ¬†It was a touch heavier than I really wanted and I hadn’t gotten a carry bag for it yet. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of Ashford wheels. ¬†I know there are those who absolutely adore them. ¬†I am not one.

Not too terribly long ago, I bought a Louet Victoria as my ideal travel wheel. ¬†It is both small, lightweight, has travel bag and is a decent spin with the flyer to the front. ¬†I get nervous in tight spots where the flyer sticks out behind the wheel (Sonata specifically) and figure some kid is going to trip and fall into the hooks while I’m spinning. ¬†But I got the initial release of the Victoria and had a problem with the loose scotch tension knob. ¬†It wouldn’t stay in and hold the adjustment. ¬†That’s a deal breaker in my book. ¬†So I sold it and bought something else, probably the Gem. ¬†I’ve long lost track of what left when something else came in. ¬†I do know I sold my Journey Wheel for the Victoria but that shall not be mentioned as it was probably a mistake.

I put out some feelers about the Victoria as to whether others had the same problem I did with it. ¬†Apparently, Louet has modified the knob in the interim and inserted a screw into the other side to hold it in place. ¬†Win! ¬†I surfed around and found that Spunky Eclectic had a floor model on sale. ¬†After peppering Amy with questions, I ordered it. ¬†She shipped it out super fast and it arrived on Friday. ¬†It’s arrival was eclipsed by the Featherweight, but she did get some use last night (while I finally watched the BSG finale… sigh – I’m going to really miss that show!)



She is a tiny wheel isn’t she? ¬†I think you can get a good sense of size of the Van Eaton to the right. ¬†

I spun 2 oz of bfl during the 2 hours of the finale and really enjoyed it. ¬†The ankle didn’t complain about the treadle action, even on the smallest whorl. ¬†I do think I will be getting the woolee winder for it as I found the hook was slipping along the arm of the flyer. ¬†Not a huge problem or deal breaker but annoying, and with the small bobbins I want to be able to cram more. ¬†Both equal WW in my book.

As you know, if one enters, one has to go. ¬†For the first time, I’ve actually sold two. ¬†The Joy and Ladybug were both sold. ¬†The bug was picked up today and the Joy is waiting to either be picked up/delivered or shipped though the money has changed hands. ¬†I’m down one. ¬†Hmm.. I can technically get another one. ¬†I think I’ll leave that slot open in case Schacht turns out a folding travel wheel or a used Journey Wheel turns up. ¬†I’ve put requests out for one and the Bosworths know I’m looking in case someone contacts them with one for sale.

I’ve spent the day with needles in hand making much progress on that Tulip sweater for my niece. ¬†I have the hem, front bands and the first sleeve just about done. ¬†I also soaked and blocked Mr. Not-So-Greenjeans. ¬†And yes, I’ve played the Sims a bit. ¬†Sock knitting is perfect for that and I have one going. ¬†I think I’ll have a Monday Sims post for you tomorrow night 😉 ¬† That’s about it for tonight. ¬† I’m off to read a little before bed.

Craft on!

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Its her fault

March 21st, 2009 · 7 Comments

JessaLu’s. ¬†It’s all her fault. ¬†Her eye candy friday post had me not only coveting her 50mm lens for the digital SLR, but also an antique sewing machine. ¬†I couldn’t do much about the lens, but found myself trolling the ‘net for antique Singers. ¬†I started out looking for the same model she has, 15-91, and after having her take a peek at a number of ads on Craigslist, I found, based on her reaction, the motherlode. ¬†

A fellow fiber nut by the name of Vanessa was selling off not only a 15-91 but a Featherweight 221 in excellent working condition.  After dinner, Kat and I headed over to her house where I bought it.  We then spent a good hour or so just gabbing.   I had a wonderful time meeting her and hope to see her again soon.

I didn’t get home with the new toy until almost 10pm and it was far too late to play with it, especially since the kids were still up. ¬†I did look up the serial number on the Singer website. ¬† My new baby was born March 4, 1937 in Elizabeth, NJ, not too terribly far away and a town I had to pass through in order to get to Vanessa’s. ¬†I thought that apropos.

Today, I was able to fully fall in love.  Behold:




I’m in love. ¬†She and I have made quick work of that pink quilt that I’ve been hand piecing on and off for almost a year now. ¬†


Thanks Jess 🙂 ¬†And thank you for my new bag!


I have a thing for apples 🙂

So you don’t think its all sewing, all the time, I’ve been spinning too. ¬†I finished 3 more bobbins worth from that never ending bag of CVM on the Russo wheel. ¬†


Off to play with the new wheel…

Craft on!

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My eye

March 20th, 2009 · 3 Comments

See I knew spring would not come this year….

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March 15th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Oh my the last week was busy! ¬†We’re deep in a redesign at work that has me seriously hopping, not to mention juggling the development and production support. ¬†Seems this week was the week for all the current customers to have problems and need me to help. ¬†Sigh. ¬† This is the first I’ve had a chance to take pictures to sit down and write a post.

That’s not to say I haven’t been knitting! ¬†There’s still that commute to keep busy during. ¬†This week’s project has been that Tulip Cardigan. ¬†However, I’m not doing it in the Dream in Color, but in the Sublime that I started the Lily Cardi in. ¬†I dislike that pattern intensely and just couldn’t force my way through it. ¬†I did the math, including solving for X as to where to remove the sleeve stitches to waste, and am quite happy with how it is going.


I’m doing the same color progression as the original pattern, just not the variation in the number of rows per stripe. ¬†While I want a 12-18 month sweater, I had to make the 4yo size in order to make up for the finer yarn. ¬†I’m almost to the bottom hem. ¬†I’m going to make a second one in the other color sequence for the younger of the nieces. ¬†I also matched up the colors in this one with Cascade 220 colors to make this sweater for Kat.

Even though I haven’t finish the February socks, maybe because they take too much attention due to the splittiness of the Mini Mochi, I pulled yarn for the March Pseudo-Sock-Club. ¬†Up next is this yummy Claudia Handpaint. ¬†I’m torn between a plain arsed sock for working on while playing the Sims or something else. ¬†It is the Strawberry Latte colorway.


I’m close to getting the “B” generation of my Sims family ready to produce a “C” generation. ¬†On the left is the older kid who was subjected to the odd method of carrying by her folks. ¬†She’s a cute kid. ¬†So is her younger brother, Benjamin, on the right. ¬†


They’re a few “days” apart and wind up spending a couple of days at the same age level. ¬†You can see the family resemblance here. ¬†They both look like their father, Abe. ¬†He’s the one I created. ¬†He got to choose his mate and from there on, genetics will take over. ¬† As you can see, red is the dominant haircolor 😉


Belana is now a teen.  Cute thing, excellent student.  


Here’s Benjamin’s birthday as he ended his childhood and became a teen. ¬†The family gathered around and celebrated. ¬†Shortly after, he sproinged into being a seriously cute teen. ¬†His sister brought home a friend from school yesterday that he has the hearts for. ¬†He’s the backup heir, I need Bela to pair off 😉 ¬†Having just installed University, I think I’ll send him off to college just in case she falls apart.

Dad has the twins off at the park, enjoying the more seasonable weather. ¬†I’m going to take advantage of the quiet to catch up on my DVRed Ryan’s Hope and just maybe finish the button band on Mr. Not-So-Greenjeans!

Craft on!

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Definitely Looking Up

March 8th, 2009 · 7 Comments

Things are most definitely looking up. ¬†Yesterday I did the running around thing. ¬†Typical Saturday activity thanks to the blue laws still in place, I can’t shop on Sundays. ¬†I hit the Post Office to mail my NJ and NY state tax returns. ¬†Followed by a trip to the mall and the Genius Bar where they proclaimed my MacBook D.E.D. ¬†The logic board needs replacement, but that repair is almost $800, or over $500 if I do it myself. ¬†Not sure at this point if it is worth it. ¬†I’m intrigued about one thing though. ¬†When I put the battery back on the machine Friday night for its trip to the Geniuses, it was fully charged. ¬†Saturday morning at the bar, it was fully discharged. ¬†Why would a DED machine fully discharge the battery? ¬†I’m going to let it sit for a while longer and see if it is a zombie machine. ¬†Some other assorted stops for cat litter, rabbit food and new clothes for the shorties later, I was tired.

Did I rest when I got home? ¬†No way. ¬†There was a package waiting for me! ¬†Fedex Saturday delivery is a wonderful thing 🙂

Back in Business

Back in Business

My new MacBook is here! ¬†Any surprise that the first thing I installed on it was The Sims? ¬†You can see my alphabet dynasty loading here. ¬†Yes, they are the Adama family 😉 That’s Abe and Christy Adama, holding little Belanna. ¬†

Abe and Christy have some questionable parenting skills for Sims with Family Aspirations!

Dad of the Year?

Dad of the Year?

Christy isn’t much better at this then her husband:

Very Flexible

Very Flexible

Contrary to the hard work by her parents, little Belanna managed to survive her infancy and become a cute little toddler. ¬†I don’t think they’re challenged. ¬†

Walking to Mama

Walking to Mama

She’s got her dad’s hair color. ¬†And yes, mom is just about ready to burst with #2 kid. ¬†Actually within moments of snapping this, she went into labor and little Benjamin was born. ¬†Oh yes, the new MacBook (the Valkyrie) plays Sims very nicely. ¬†The NVidia graphics is a serious upgrade from the intel 950.

There’s probably a glitch in the software from one of the add-in objects that I downloaded. ¬†I even downloaded this house! ¬†I hate furnishing them but found a cache of them online fully furnished 😉

Beyond the new “no beverages near the laptop” rule, I got the Valkyrie a protective cover to keep that nice¬†aluminum¬†shell shiny and new. ¬†Amazingly, it matches the new iFrogz cover that I added to my iPhone.

Red Apples

Red Apples

As Cookie requested after my last post, here’s a picture of the button I bought for Mr. Not-s0-Greenjeans:

1" button

1" button

Hard to take a picture of a mother of pearl button.  I did use my DSLR and took this today in the sunlight.  Yay!  I think the blue is of the sweater is pretty well captured here too.

The twins and I spent a lovely couple of hours at Chuck E. Cheese with our favorite Bronx residents!  We met Nancy and her family at the restaurant where the kids played and the adults were able to sit and catch up.  

Pop-pop is giving the monkeys a bath now. I’m catching up on DVR’ed programs and enjoying the quiet time. ¬†Maybe I’ll play a little more Sims after they go to sleep. ¬†Probably should do some more knitting though. ¬†I have 7 more rows to go on the band so I think I’ll leave it home tomorrow. ¬†I don’t really want to schlep the whole thing for that. I might just do the maths necessary to rework the Tulip sweater for my niece in a lighter weight yarn. ¬† I’ll figure it out 😉

Craft on!

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Gone are the dark clouds

March 6th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Yes, I was glum a few days ago. ¬†I’ve adjusted to life without a computer in my bag for a few day. ¬†Sadly the MacBook won’t turn on. ¬†It has an appointment at the Genius Bar tomorrow morning. ¬†Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad (I’m hoping against hope for something simple and cheap… and not the $600 logic board).

All is not bleak and dark now though.  My tax refund hit my checking account this morning.  Have to love direct deposit.  I already did my part to stimulate the economy and bought this:

My new 13.3 2.4Ghz MacBook. ¬†I shall not have an empty bag soon. ¬†I also ordered a RAM upgrade for it from J&R for way less than Apple charges. ¬†We have a new rule about beverages and laptops in my house. ¬†I guess that’s understandable.

Work is going extremely well too! ¬†I finished the development of a component that a partner company is waiting for yesterday, about 5 days ahead of schedule. ¬†Got a “you go” email from my boss. ¬†Yay me.

Mr. Not-s0-Greenjeans is moving right along.  I finished the second sleeve at SnB last night and picked up the buttonband this morning while commuting.  I was ecstatic when I got the same number of stitches on both front pieces the first shot.  I just need to adjust 2 stitches in the next row so that I have the right number for the stitch pattern.  Not bad if you ask me.   I also bought the perfect button for it last night. 


As my SnB buds noted last night, the sweater IRL is way bluer. ¬†The iPhone on the ferry in the morning isn’t capturing the true blue, but dulling it out to a denim-y blue instead. ¬†When it is done, I’ll try to get a good shot with the right light and the big Canon DSLR for ya. ¬†

Have a great weekend!

Craft on!

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March 4th, 2009 · 8 Comments

My geek radar is pinging.  I read about this new app on the elevator this morning and ran to my desk to check it out.



I’ve got it already. ¬†

Still nothing on the MacBook, but I took a chance and plugged the power cable in. ¬†Got a faint glimmer of light from it. ¬†I think that’s a good sign. ¬†Its still sitting open and upside down near the central air vent, but not too close. ¬†

Sorry, no knitting progress to report. ¬†Fingers are too damned cold to knit on the train. ¬†On the upside, I was able to finish last week’s Time magazine while riding instead. ¬†

Craft on!

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