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January 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments

I promise a better post shortly.   I know I have to fess up to what yarn actually came home with me from Seaport and I hopefully will do that either later today or tomorrow.

I ask now a favor. ¬†I just upgraded my WordPress from 2.6 to 2.7. ¬†I was waiting for 2.7.1 patch, but it apparently isn’t coming out so I figure it was time. ¬†If you see any problems and/or could leave a comment, I’d be most appreciative.

Craft on!

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Falling Down

January 27th, 2009 · 5 Comments

I started the traveling scarf last night. Unfortunately the originator had used a chunky yarn and all I had onhand was worsted. I had two choices for red worsted as well. I even samples both of them. No go. Looked sleezy next to the chunky, especially on the size 11US needles.

So today at lunch I headed over to my office LYS, Seaport Yarn and perused their selection of bulky red yarns.

Do I need to say that I left with more than a skein of yarn for a scarf?

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Move Along

January 26th, 2009 · 8 Comments

I know, its been ages since I last posted. ¬†Life has been truly busy. ¬†The folks heading to the Caribbean for 10 days was the crux of the busy. ¬†Since it snowed a gillion times while they were again, I got to use the snow blower repeatedly. ¬†Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of that! ¬†Beyond the domesticity, I’m still toiling away on a big rewrite at work. ¬†

I’ve had a case of startitis recently as well. ¬†For whatever reason, Rhinebeck wasn’t doing it for me, so I started another sweater. ¬†Back to Mr. Greenjeans, but this time in some yummy mmmMalabrigo in a deep blue.

Mr. Bluejeans

Mr. Bluejeans

I’ve made it past the point where the sleeves are slipped to waste yarn. ¬†Unfortunately, it is probably on hold for a week or so. ¬†I have 4 days to finish the 10″ of knitting on the second travelling scarf. ¬†Shouldn’t be a problem in finishing on time, but I guess I better wind the yarn tonight 😉

Saturday I started a project that has been queued up since Thanksgiving weekend. ¬†While we were out visiting my sister for the holiday, Friday the gals piled into the car and did a little shopping. ¬†The first stop was a yarn store. ¬†Go figure. ¬†We don’t do the traditional Black Friday shopping 😉 ¬†Anyway, as I’m scoping out which skein will be my souvenier sock yarn, my mother comes over to me and says “Your sister requests that sweater” and points to the cutest little baby sweater (Ravelry link). ¬†Since she’s never requested knitting before, I’m touched and naturally buy the pattern and the yarn to make it. ¬†Not for the new baby (which as we know she’s had) , but for her 1yo. ¬†I had all those holiday gifts to finish off and then there was the brief but burning desire to knit something for myself, before I could get started on this. ¬†I was now ready for it.


Lily the Pink

Lily the Pink

I’ve modified the pattern to knit it in one piece until the armpits. ¬†No need to knit separates and sew them together. ¬†I looked at the pattern where there are 4 colors for every 16 rows and knew that there was no way in hell I’d knit this sucker individually! ¬†All those ends! ¬†no way. ¬†I ordered the yarn in the other colorway to knit a smaller one for the baby. ¬†Sister doesn’t know this yet. ¬†No way I’ll get them both finished before I see the baby this weekend. ¬†Woops, reminds me that I need to finish the BSJ before then though.

Anyway, gotta get back to the C# grindstone.  Wanted to leave you with this awesome video that Jessalu pointed out to me.

Craft on!

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

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How Time Flies

January 12th, 2009 · 9 Comments

I can’t believe it has been a full week since my last posting. ¬†I’d been going at a pretty decent clip too. ¬†Oh well. Where have I been? ¬†Well, as if I needed another time suck, I fell for this one, pretty hard too.

Yes, I pretty much lost the last week playing The Sims 2 and the various expansion packs 😉 ¬†I’d played the first one years ago, on a machine that just couldn’t handle it and got frustrated early on. I don’t think I started it up more than once. ¬†One of the regular blogs I read, Redshirt Knitting has the occasional posting on the Sims which piqued my interest, as well as tickling my funny bone. ¬†So I bought it. ¬†Put it on my netbook, and I’ve been a goner since. ¬†Loves it! ¬†Last week, to further the addiction, Amazon had a couple of the expansion packs on sale (price is back up again) so I picked up a few. ¬† As my little netbook doesn’t have a kickass video card, I have the graphics tuned down to minimal levels, but it is so very playable and does look good. ¬†Sims 3 is out of the question 😉 ¬†I did consider getting the Mac version, but opted for the PC so I can tote it about with me. ¬†This is how I commute now:

The knitting? ¬†That’s the beginning of Rhinebeck (ravelry link). I have to fess up to messing up a few rows thanks to the distraction. I’ve ripped back, and playing the right group of Sims, I can knit at the same time. Glorious! ¬†I’m using ¬†Lavold Classic AL in Russet which I might have mentioned my last post (and I’m too lazy to look).

The other night, for whatever reason, the monkeys decided they wanted to have a slumber party. ¬†They both started out on the floor in Kat’s room on top of blankets spread out. ¬†A while later, as I yelled at them once again to go to sleep, I found them on her bed. ¬†Next they moved to Alex’s room where they finally went to sleep.


Puppy Pile - twin style

Puppy Pile - twin style

I love when they get along so very well. ¬†I’m pretty sure I have another picture of them sleeping, with one’s hand in the other’s face though they were quite a bit younger.

I really have been knitting. ¬†I joined a Travelling Scarf group over on Ravelry, the Red Sox Knitter’s Swap. ¬†The yarn I ordered from Webs has been backordered (don’t get me started on how pissed I am at Webs for taking well over a week to tell me that), so I went stash diving. ¬†I turned up 5 skeins of Cascade 220 in a deep red. ¬†A quick bit of web surfing turned up a double sided stitch pattern that makes diamonds. ¬†How perfect is that? ¬†I need to get my bit out in the mail to the next knitter by Thursday. ¬†I’m halfway to the requisite 10″ after starting yesterday before dinner so I shouldn’t have a problem. ¬†We need to take pictures of the scarf in progress, so here’s mine with the Seaport, Wavertree and Brooklyn Bridge in the background. ¬†

Speaking of dinner, the eagle eyed among you might have noticed the weight loss ticker in the right sidebar. ¬†I decided that while I don’t do full scale resolutions, 2009 is going to be the year I finally lose the rest of the baby weight (and use more stash than I buy). ¬†The twins are 5 after all. ¬†I joined Weight Watchers to that end and have resurrected my Wii Fit. ¬†So far, so good. ¬†I’m feeling good and finding the diet an easier one to live with. ¬†Jessalu has been a big help there!

That’s about it for today. ¬†Hopefully my next post won’t be a full week away.

Craft on!

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Better Image

January 5th, 2009 · 11 Comments

Believe it or not, I got a better photo of Serendipity in my loom on my iPhone than on my little Elph. ¬†I took quick iPhone pictures because it was on hand (as it usually is) and I didn’t think she was going to stay there long enough for me to dig through my purse to find the little Canon. ¬†Good thing, cause this picture is much better. ¬†You get a better sense of the color of the warp too.

Craft on!

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January 5th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Happy New Year! I did indeed spend much of the last weekend at the loom, including a goodly 4 hours on Saturday. I have 6″ more to weave before I can call this scarf done. I don’t have any good photos of the scarf now, but I did take this one right after I had finished sampling, inserted cards to act as a spacer (and give fringe later) and started the real thing.

Over and Under

Over and Under

I likes it! ¬†I’m weaving a 2×2 twill pattern.

Someone else likes the loom too:

Weaving Helper

Weaving Helper

I have a supervisor helper. ¬†This would be the downside of a table loom with a narrow weaving on it. ¬†She sneaks between the warp and the edge and lays down. ¬† She took an hour nap shortly after this picture was taken. ¬†I was busy doing something else so it wasn’t a big deal. ¬†Weird cat.

Just so you don’t think it is all weaving-all the time around Chez CFL, I finished the hat for my father (picture tomorrow). ¬†Saturday night I started Mr. Greenjeans in the Lavold Classic AL while I watched a movie on demand. ¬†By the time Brokeback Mountain ended, I had finished 4 repeats of the 6 rows. ¬†I checked my gauge again (and yes I did my standard quicky swatch which had measured out to the correct stitch count), and I was off. ¬†Instead of 4.5 I was getting 5. ¬†Not a huge problem if I had chosen the larger size of the sweater to knit. ¬†Instead I picked the smaller one. ¬†My measurement is 36. ¬†So I figured I’d go for the 36.5 as the sweater doesn’t close at the bust, but below it. ¬†Not to mention that I started a diet and exercise for the New Year so the girls might go the rest of the way back to pre-babyhood. ¬†And yes, I figured the 40″ would be huge. ¬†I could have moved up a needle size, but I liked the feel of the fabric at the 5/”. ¬†So I ripped it. ¬†No biggie, only a movie’s worth of knitting. ¬†Better now than much later on when the freakin thing wouldn’t come close to closing 😉

In my continuing quest to knit everything in A Fine Fleece, I went flipping through the book Sunday morning. I found the project I liked that had the right gauge (5/”) and that I had sufficient yardage for. — Rhinebeck(a Ravelry link). ¬†I initially bought the yarn to do Celtic Dreams again, but would rather a cardi. ¬†I cast on this morning on the train.




The yarn is the Russet colorway. ¬†Go figure. ¬†I need another red-orange cardigan right? 🙂 ¬†Has a good chance of getting finished that way!

Craft on!

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