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December 13th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Thank you everyone for your congratulations on the new addition to the family.¬† My sister and baby J are both doing well.¬† Not sure how S is adjusting to being a big sister, but she’s all of 17.5 months, so I’m sure my sister is in for some interesting times over the next couple of months.¬†

The downside to this new baby thing is that I lost my housewife for a week or so ;)¬† Mom went out to my sister’s house in Lancaster county to first watch S whilst J was being born.¬† She’s staying for a week to help Rikki out.¬† Sadly, that means I have to do all the domestic stuff that I’ve turned over to my mother a couple of years ago.¬† We can’t exactly eat out every night!¬† So this morning I got all Suzie Homemaker and made a pot of tomato sauce (gravy for those that call it that) and about 2lbs of meatballs.¬†

That simmering for hours, I put a load of wash in (somehow Kat had run out of clean undies) and set about dealing with the aging food mom had purchased earlier in the week.  Next up was slicing some london broil into very thin slices, browning and then simmering in brown gravy.  What we call Chicken Meat. Long story there but it got its name in an attempt to get Kat, the devout Chickenatarian, to eat some beef.  We called it chicken meat, she ate it, and the name stuck.  Its awesome over rice.  After that was a second load of wash, followed by folding and putting away of the first.  Whew.

I get to roast a turkey breast tomorrow.  Yay. 

I did finally manage to sit down for a while between the laundry and actually serving dinner and finished off the second of the felted bags for the teachers.¬† Here’s a picture of the two bags side-by-side.¬† iPhone once again included for scale.¬† Why yes, it is my favorite item for indicating scale 😉

Teacher Bags - before the bath

Teacher Bags - before the bath

After the kids go to sleep, I’m pulling out the flatbed mid-gauge knitting machine and while attempt to whip out a mile of iCord for the handles.¬† I’d like to get these into the washing machine tomorrow.¬† When they’re done, I’ll do a roundup of all the gifts including the rediscovered multidirectional scarf that I knit a couple of years ago for a teacher gift, as well as the socks I cranked out last Sunday.¬† Not a heck of alot of knitting, but some nonetheless.¬†

I’ve also been working on the Adamas shawl on the train, when not studying or otherwise occupied with the new electronic toy.¬† I got it in my mind that I only needed 12 repeats of the center chart and got all excited when I started that repeat.¬† For giggles, I pulled out the pattern to check if there was something different about the end of the 12th repeat only to read and find I needed 14!¬† I hate when that happens.¬† Oh well.¬† I still need to finish up the BSJ and ship it off, though I might just hold it for the family holiday gathering on Dec 27th.¬† Have to check to see if my sister will be heading out for that.¬† Oh and I need to make hats for my nephews and if there is time, coordinating scarves.¬† I got some STR Heavyweight in the semi-solids to knit those.¬† Busy busy.

I did get a chance to be seriously geeky yesterday though.  Check this setup out!

Why yes I was using em all!

Why yes I was using em all!

You can see the tiny little Acer Aspire One between my 17″ iMac and the 14 or so inch Dell Inspiron.¬† The Dell was busy decrypting files I downloaded on the iMac while the hard drive was being repartitioned on the Acer.

For what you ask?  Why so I could do this:

Installing OSX

Installing OSX

A while later and a few hacks:

Finder on my Acer Aspire One

Finder on my Acer Aspire One

I love seeing that Acer right about the Mac Apple 🙂

Acer Dude

AAO Hackentosh Air

You can see on the left there that I have three “drives”:¬† MacOS, Acer and Share.¬† They are each about 50 gb.¬† Obviously I installed Leopard on the MacOS partition and formatted it appropriately for it.¬† The Acer partition is where Windows XP still lives and is NTFS and the third is for both to use for storage.¬† Nice huh?¬† I know, pretty geeky.¬† I’m dual booting the two OS’.

You see, I’ve been totally loving my little netbook.¬† The one thing that would have made it better in my eyes was if it was a Mac.¬† That had my looking at the Macbook Air.¬† It’s all of 3 lbs, which puts it in the okay to carry regularly category along with my 2.6lb¬†Acer Aspire One (hereinafter AAO).¬† So I started googling to see if there was a way to run MacOS on my PC in a similar way to how I run Windows on my Mac.¬† After much link clickage, I stumbled on someone who had installed MacOS on his AAO and that started the wheels in motion.¬† I now have an Acer Hackentosh Air for way less than the $1100 for last year’s Air.¬†

There are some limitations, like Sleep doesn’t work¬†and neither does the¬†wifi.¬† The wifi card that is pre-installed in the AAO isn’t compat with Mac.¬† Fortunately a Dell card is and readily available on eBay for under $15.¬† Yes, I’ve ordered one already.¬† There’s a how-to on the net as to replacing the sucker too.¬† Sweet.¬† I’m writing this post on the Windows portion of it now, hopefully by next week I’ll be able to do it on the Mac.

Call me a happy geek 🙂

Time to get out the knitting machine.

Craft on!

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