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September 3rd, 2008 · 6 Comments

See I knew the regular updates would last forever.¬† Its been so crazy at the office that I haven’t (and won’t) be able to blog from there for a while.¬† I work for a company whose product is school centric and my job involves the automation involved in populating/assigning/etc students, teachers and classes.¬† With school starting up again, its been crazy.¬† I likened it to tax season for my accountant father.¬† Add in some tech problems that hit us out of left field and I was doing code debugging on Labor Day.¬† I just finished (9:20PM) cleaning up various user accounts in our assorted databases.¬† I’ll be happy when what we call Implementation Season is over.

I have, however, been knitting.¬† I started a new project even, well technically two, but ripping out one sock pattern for a different one doesn’t count.¬† That’s more of a restart.¬† I swapped the Cable Rib Socks for my old favorite Hedera.¬† Alas, I’m somewhat incapable of taking pictures of socks considering I actually did finish a pair during SOS’08 but they’ve never seen the camera.¬† Oh well.

The new project is also a knitty pattern, Helena. I’m using the yarn I finished at WOOL.

I took this picture this morning on the ferry.¬† I’ve since finished the second lace repeat with three more to go before the picot hem.¬† Odd shot I know with the collar at the bottom edge of the picture.¬† What can I tell you.¬† I’m loving this project.¬† The yarn is a dream to work with and the pattern is well written.¬† I started this Saturday morning while sitting with the kids.

Later Saturday I did a little shopping.  Anyone care to guess where?

That’s about all I have for now.¬† I’m exhausted.¬† Time for a little knitting and Project Runway before turning in early.

Craft on!

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