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How do you get tomato sauce out of fur?

September 25th, 2008 · 14 Comments

This is Duchess. You’ve seen her before, but not like this.

(you defintely want to click to embiggen)

Miss Duchess really likes tomato sauce. ¬†Then again, there isn’t much Miss D doesn’t like. ¬†She will even fight you for blueberry muffin. ¬†But you see, mom made meatballs in sauce last night for dinner. ¬†After dinner, with all the leftovers nicely in containers in the fridge, and with the dishwasher already full (and running), we left the “empty” pot on the stove while we did the bedtime routine. ¬†After getting the kids down, mom and I moved to playing Batman for a while (awesome game much like the Lego SW and Indy) waiting to finish the dishes and stuff until the dishwasher was complete. ¬†

Not to long after we finished playing, mom comes back to my room, “you have to see Duchess”. ¬†Curious. ¬†I got to see Duchess. ¬†She looked much like she does in this picture. ¬†Only oranger. ¬†She helped herself to the remainder in the pot. ¬†There was a lot of Duchess in the pot, apparently, as mom cleaned saucy footprints off the counter.¬†

Bad cat. ¬†Wonder how long it is going to take to loose her orange glow 🙂

Onto the better children.  A few weeks ago, we went to a Bar Mitzvah of the son of a very good friend.  This was the first one for the twins.  Yeah, I was surprised the monkeys were invited too.  Anyway, I bought them new dress up duds and want to share how very cute they were:

When did they get to be so grown up???

Craft on!

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The Clouds Part

September 24th, 2008 · 13 Comments

The last couple of days have been getting better and better. ¬†Its been like the clouds parting and the sun shining through. ¬†A few days ago, there was just glimmers of sun here and there. ¬†Today is nothing but sunshine! ¬†My headache is pretty much gone. ¬†There are still after images of sorts when it threatens, but worlds better than it has been. ¬†Sadly, a multiday headache is not something new for me. ¬†I’ve battled them since I hit my head in a car accident when I was 8. ¬†Again, I thank everyone for their commiseration, suggestion and support. ¬†It was much appreciated.

Moving along…Kat wore her new socks this morning. ¬†

Not sure what is up with the look on her face. ¬†I think she was confused as to why I was taking her picture in the car this morning. ¬†She doesn’t quite get the whole mommy blogging knitting thing yet. ¬†She will 🙂

And now for the regular update on T&C. ¬†I’ve finished 16 of 24 stitch increases on the first sleeve. ¬†Its progressing nicely and I should have the sleeve done before too much longer. ¬†Sorry for the crappy photo, but I took it quickly on the ferry this morning (which mind you was redirected to the World Financial Center since Pier 11-Wall Street was closed entirely. ¬†Some bullshit about the UN. ¬†I hear rumors that W was coming in and they closed the harbor. ¬†Give me another reason to hate the idiot. ¬†I got a nice long walk across the island. ¬†I couldn’t have gotten further from my office without going uptown on the freakin ferry!.. but I digress)

Finally, I’m so in love with my new bag. ¬†I ordered a Swift by Tom Bihn and it arrived on Monday. ¬†Here’s a shot of the outside (with iMac in the background 😉

I got the crimson/black in the ballistic nylon. ¬† I’ve got all my daily needs easily packed into this thing. ¬†The straps are long enough to sit comfortably on the shoulder over a coat, though I haven’t tried that yet. ¬†Even with all that’s packed into it, it doesn’t weigh a ton. ¬†Not exactly sure why. ¬†I had the same crap in my Lady B and it nearly dragged me down. ¬†With this I’m tempted to toss in a book or two.

Cool bag.

Not sure how much knitting I’ll get done tonight as I picked up the new Batman Lego videogame at lunch today. ¬†Mom and I have played the Star Wars and Indy versions and loved those so I have no doubt this will become a pretty big time suck for us.

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September 22nd, 2008 · 12 Comments

I want to thank everyone for their concern and commiseration last week. ¬†I stayed home on Friday, still quite uncomfortable. ¬†Talked with my doctor thursday night and he suggested seeing a neurologist. ¬†I put in a call to the dude he recommended and am still waiting to hear back. ¬†Whatever. ¬†Seems that while there was a migraine part of the weeklong painfest, it wasn’t the whole story. ¬†There’s a sinus component for sure (so I started taking my daily Nasonex again as it is that time of year) as well as a tension/stress piece. ¬†The fact that I wake up feeling fine and then within a few hours or so, the back of my head gets really tight leads me to believe that tension is a major problem, probably tense for fear that the headache will continue/come back. ¬†I feel this is working the same way an entrenched insomnia pattern operates where the fear of not being able to sleep prevents sleep. ¬†Vicious circle. Add in a little TMJ (I skipped the steak at dinner last night), shake well and you have one-long-assed-many-pronged-headache. ¬†I’ve chosen to ignore the whole thing. ¬†Mind over matter and all that.

Anyway… been doing the knitting thing! ¬†I finished Kat’s Princess Socks yesterday.

Cute little things eh?  One skein of Koigu KPPPM РUS1 magic loop.  Pattern is one of my own devising but is nothing really special.  Simple stockinette.  Started at the toe with 8/16st turkish cast on increasing to 44 st overall.  As for how long to make the foot?  I had a tracing of her foot on paper with lines indicating where the ankle bones are.  When the foot hit those marks, I did the short row heel down to 8 unworked stitches.  She happily tried them on last night and declared them perfect.  

Yesterday I finished the first side for Town & Country and cast on for a sleeve. ¬†I’ll spare you the photo of the cuff repeat again.

26 days to go.  Maybe.

Finally, I got the cutest box bag from JessaLu’s etsy shop! ¬†

She used Amy Butler fabrics and has the cutest pulls:

I loves my bag. ¬†Go get one for yourself. ¬†I’ve got a new sock project in mine 🙂

Craft on!

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A Lost Day

September 18th, 2008 · 12 Comments

That headache I had?  Not sinuses.  Jess used the mom voice and made me go to the doctor on Tuesday when I had complained about having the same headache for 4 days.  My doctor diagnosed it as a migraine and prescribed Imitrex and Percocet for the pain.  I wound up taking the max two doses of the 100mg Imitrex and 2 of the painkiller over the course of the evening.  I tried to hide in my darkened room.

Wednesday morning the pain was mostly gone, but I had the postdrome or migraine hangover. ¬†Though it was hard to really tell the difference. ¬†I sat with my sunglasses on in the office, slouched down in my chair, willing my head not to move. ¬†I went home early and for a change turned in early. ¬†This morning, it is better, not great, but better. ¬† I still don’t want to move much (walking jars the head) and the back of my head feels like it was hollowed out and filled with concrete, but at least I don’t need my sunglasses this morning. And I don’t feel queasy either. ¬†Eventually it will go away. ¬†I have to check back in with my doctor this afternoon.

Before turning in last night, I was able to do a little knitting.  I finished the back of T&C.

Lurve it! ¬†I cast on for the first front piece but didn’t even finish the first row. ¬†I did that this morning during the commute:

Thanks to the head, I’m going to pass on SnB tonight and probably turn in early.

Craft on!

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32 Days

September 16th, 2008 · 11 Comments

I finally moved my code that does the countdown to Rhinebeck (or other festival) to the sidebar for this theme. It is the finish line for Town & Country. Other than a now four day long sinus/tension headache, I’ve been getting a lot done on T&C. I went home and straight to my room last night, heading for the heating pad and my comfy chair. I had the heat on the back of my head, which helped. iMac on and dialed up for the Sox-Rays game (go Sox!), I was able to knit. Kat was so sweet. She’d periodically come over and pat my arm. While her bro went off to play, she stayed with me until her bedtime.

Today it doesn’t hurt quite so much, but I’ve got a hangover kind of feeling. The back of my head is tight, for the lack of a better word, but at least the pressure isn’t so great that all my teeth hurt. This too shall pass.

Moving along to the reason you stopped by, here’s T&C on the ferry this morning. I’m half a repeat from finishing the back. Sweet.

I did a full repeat of the center motif which is 24 rows since yesterday’s picture.¬† I’m a row or two from the midpoint now.¬† I feel pretty safe saying that the back will be done tonight.¬† Woot.

Now, take a look at this:

Does anyone else think:¬† “yeah baby:¬† spinning wheels and a keg”?¬† Or is it just me?

I know, I am crazy.

Craft on!

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Inching Along

September 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I’m cautiously optimistic that I might just be able to finish Town & Country in time for Rhinebeck. ¬†As I quickly mentioned yesterday, this weekend has been one for cabling. ¬†I brought my knitting with me to the park and stitched while the monkeys played. ¬†I sat by the pool yesterday and did more of the same. ¬†I did go in the water for the last hurrah of the pool this summer. ¬†Dad is busy closing today. ¬†Sniff. ¬†Anyway, here’s T&C as she stands now (photo on ferry this morning):

I finished one more full repeat of the center pattern since yesterday’s picture. ¬†I did a quick measurement last night and am about 6″ short of finishing the back. ¬†For perspective, the ribbing at the bottom is 4″. ¬†You can see my cable needle tucked in the honeycomb section on the right of center. ¬†I’m cabling with it for just the honeycombs and without for the rest. ¬†I find that that is the perfect balance between speed and ease on hands. ¬†I tuck the needle in my watchband between uses while knitting and just stick it in like thing when not.

The princess socks, while not done, are awfully close now.  I worked on them a bit this morning while I was standing around waiting for the train, and then the ferry.  I have one more plain round and then I start the ribbing.

Well, I’m off to Duane Reed for some sinus drugs. ¬†I’ve now had a sinus headache since Friday. ¬†Ugh.

Craft on!

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Maybe not crazy

September 14th, 2008 · 6 Comments

Needless to say I’ve been doing a bit of knitting. So far it has been a relaxing weekend with the family and the yarn. I’m now on the patio, post lunch and cruising along.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend!

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How Many?

September 12th, 2008 · 11 Comments

I apparently have a case of startitis. ¬†Tuesday it was the socks for the little miss. ¬†Yesterday it was a sweater. ¬†Though technically, I tried to start a sweater on Wednesday. ¬†The pattern and I just couldn’t get along regardless of how much I liked the actual sweater.

Here are the socks:

I finished the first one Wednesday night while watching the marathon 14 inning game and immediately cast on for the second.  When Tampa Bay finally won the thing, I had started the short row shaping for the heel.  I finished that up this morning on the ferry.

So last night at SnB, I pulled out my new favorite book, A Fine Fleece: Knitting with Handspun Yarns¬†(as a disclaimer, I am an Amazon affiliate). ¬†I don’t think there is a single item in this book that I wouldn’t knit. ¬†That totally blows my mind. ¬†I actually bought a couple of Lisa’s patterns (one of which is in this book) at MASW a few years back. ¬†Wednesday’s sweater attempt reminded me of a perfect yarn that was moldering in stash: the Elann Peruvian Highland that I bought in 2006 for the FLAK project. ¬†I discarded FLAK because knitting this yarn on US4 to get the specific gauge that was set, was far too painful for anything more than a few periodic rows. ¬†¬†

I swatched last night at SnB and cast on for the back of the cardigan version of Town & Country using US4’s. ¬†I’m two repeats into it now. ¬†Not much to photograph yet, but soon my friends.

I know I’m off my rocker but I’m calling this my Rhinebeck sweater. ¬†Stop laughing. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Cables move fast, right? ¬†Better than little tiny garter stitches at least 😉

Craft on!

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What’s a mother to do?

September 10th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Kat had a minor freak out Monday morning because the socks I bought her over the weekend were too big.¬† Seems she has my feet.¬† Tiny.¬† Narrow.¬† Wigged out because the foot was too long and put the heel shaping up the back of her foot.¬† If I got it in place, wrinkles formed on the foot.¬† Showing her that commercial socks fit me the same way didn’t help.¬† Heck, the only way to get socks to really fit my feet is to knit them.¬† So…

What else would a knitting mother do?  Head to the sock yarn basket.  I had this skein of Koigu KPPPM in various pinks.  I traced her foot on a sheet of paper, making sure to put marks where the ankle bones are, and got knitting.  I took that photo on the way to work yesterday.  I turned the heel this morning and started the cuff on the way home.

Back to the instructions from my last posting.¬† All those who guessed IKEA guessed correctly!¬† Woot.¬† Yup.¬† It was time for the annual (or twice annual) trip to IKEA for a new chair for my bedroom.¬† I have a drop leaf table along one wall where my iMac lives.¬† When I work from home I sit there.¬† I’ve rotated through a couple of seats there, my Kromski spinning stool first, followed by a barstool I bought at Target.¬† Now, I have a chair with a back!

Sorry, tis the standard crappy lighting in my bedroom.  The yellow walls combining with the high hats and all the wood combine for this lovely coloring.  Sigh.

Gotta love this little girl.¬† She pulled out her knitting bag which is tucked next to mine and announced she was going to knit tonight.¬† By.¬† Herself.¬† “I know how!”

After popping on the Ott light, she settled into my knitting chair and tried knitting.

She’s not quite there yet, but did far better than she’s ever done.¬† She did wind up in my lap with my helping with the steps and needle control.¬† A regular repeat and I think she’ll be soloing in no time.¬† We decided the she’s making a doll blanket 🙂

Oh and some might notice the addition of the “Finished Items” in the sidebar.¬† The one thing I liked about Typepad was the photo albums there and how I used them to have a thumbnail view of all the projects I finished over the course of a year.¬† I didn’t want to use Flickr.¬† While it is nice, sometimes it goes down, sometimes there’s a delay as the files stream in from another network.. blah blah.¬† Whatever.¬† I wanted something here.¬† I couldn’t find a plugin for WordPress.¬† So what does this geek do?¬† Write it herself.¬† I might not be a PHP/mySql wiz, but they’re not that much different from ASP/T-SQL, just a different dialect.¬† I added database tables, wrote the admin pages to add/edit the information and the album and project page.¬† Now it is just a matter of downloading all the photos from my Typepad album, move them here and paste in the text.¬† Cool.¬† I finished entering the stuff from 2004 and am on my way through 2005.¬† Who knew I was so prolific then?!¬† I’d love to know what you all think of it.

I’m off to watch the Sox and do a little knitting.

Craft on!

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Hello Hello

September 3rd, 2008 · 6 Comments

See I knew the regular updates would last forever.¬† Its been so crazy at the office that I haven’t (and won’t) be able to blog from there for a while.¬† I work for a company whose product is school centric and my job involves the automation involved in populating/assigning/etc students, teachers and classes.¬† With school starting up again, its been crazy.¬† I likened it to tax season for my accountant father.¬† Add in some tech problems that hit us out of left field and I was doing code debugging on Labor Day.¬† I just finished (9:20PM) cleaning up various user accounts in our assorted databases.¬† I’ll be happy when what we call Implementation Season is over.

I have, however, been knitting.¬† I started a new project even, well technically two, but ripping out one sock pattern for a different one doesn’t count.¬† That’s more of a restart.¬† I swapped the Cable Rib Socks for my old favorite Hedera.¬† Alas, I’m somewhat incapable of taking pictures of socks considering I actually did finish a pair during SOS’08 but they’ve never seen the camera.¬† Oh well.

The new project is also a knitty pattern, Helena. I’m using the yarn I finished at WOOL.

I took this picture this morning on the ferry.¬† I’ve since finished the second lace repeat with three more to go before the picot hem.¬† Odd shot I know with the collar at the bottom edge of the picture.¬† What can I tell you.¬† I’m loving this project.¬† The yarn is a dream to work with and the pattern is well written.¬† I started this Saturday morning while sitting with the kids.

Later Saturday I did a little shopping.  Anyone care to guess where?

That’s about all I have for now.¬† I’m exhausted.¬† Time for a little knitting and Project Runway before turning in early.

Craft on!

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