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Third Time

August 28th, 2008 · 7 Comments

…is the charm right?

The project I’ve been hinting at for the last two posts is.. ta da… Wedding Ring Shawl:¬† Take 3

What’s different this time?¬† Well both the color AND the yarn.¬† I’m using White yarn for one.¬† It is the Gossamer Merino from Heirloom Knitting.¬† I got an excellent deal on it through a stash sale on Ravelry.¬† A deal I just couldn’t pass up and now I’m glad.¬† It really is a joy to work with.¬† Finer than the Yarn Place Angel that I’d been using.¬† It also has another advance over the Angel, it isn’t superwash.¬† I’ll be able to spit join.¬† Love me that join.

I spotted my ginger colored fuzzball curled up in my bedroom easy chair while I was working yesterday.¬† Her fur is almost all growed back.¬† She’s still missing a great deal of underfluff along her back.¬† Slowest damn coat growth I’ve ever seen in my life.¬† Silly thing hates when I pet her, but the twins can pet her anytime they please.¬† Cats is weird.

Finally, I think this picture sums up W.O.O.L.’08 perfectly:

The photo is courtesy of the fabulous organizer of the event, Tina.¬† The purple stuff on the left is the Ultraviolet I spun.¬† The brown is some lovely navajo plied yarn of Tina’s and the remainder is JessaLu‘s gorgeous work.

Craft on!

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