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WOOL ’08

August 26th, 2008 · 10 Comments

this weekend was in one word: AWESOME. There’s something incredibly soothing about being in a rustic retreat with friends who share the same hobbies. It was a beautiful weekend for sure.¬† There was also a number of opportunities for stash enhancement of which I partook.¬† Photos of that tomorrow 🙂

That’s the Minne-Ha-Ha Steamboat that cruises along the southern part of Lake George. Every couple of hours the boat comes chugging by. Pretty nifty to see.

During the day, the group tended to scatter a bit, some went to the boat house to swim and sun, others chose to walk the grounds while some of us stayed in the common room and spun/knit/etc. After dinner we generally converged on the common room. This is the view from the second story balcony overlooking the common room:

I didn’t get very much done on Ballerina, no more than a row or two before breakfast on Saturday. I spent most of my time there communing with Ladybug. First up on Friday (having arrived during lunch) I had plenty of spinning time and managed to finish the second 4oz of the Ultraviolet roving. I spent some 3 hours plying it all together. Saturday I wound it off (after much nagging) and JessaLu (my partner in crime) was kind enough to wash it and count it for me.¬† 742 yds at 8oz.¬† A nice sport/dk weight that will probably become this cute little lace raglan with enough to spare to make Kat a hat.

My poor Elph had problems capturing the true colors here.  It is more purple than this, but this shot was the best of the bunch.

With the baby sweater yarn done, I could go back to the Neapolitan BFL that I’d been working on.¬† I finished the first 4oz and went to work on the second:

Yum!  This is how to get a fiber to last a LONG time.  Spin fine.

Sunday night, apparently not having spun enough over the rest of the weekend, I spun some more.¬† Kat first decided she wanted to treadle and had me bring in “her” wheel.¬† Yes, she’s decided the Lendrum is hers.¬† Then she wanted to swap wheels.¬† I had a better idea:

Sorry for the crappy lighting.  She was treadling (me too) while I drafted.

I have done some knitting, adding a few more rows onto Ballerina.¬† She’s gotten too big to schlep around so progress won’t be quite as quick now.¬† I started a pair of socks yesterday in some very much desired (and awfully delicious) yarn and turned to something else on the train this morning.¬† Any guesses as to what this is?

Craft on!

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