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Lap of Wool

August 21st, 2008 · 4 Comments

I’m certainly living a lap of wool these days.¬† Maybe it is a good thing that the temps have dropped a bit.¬† Ballerina is getting to be a big girl and taking more and more lap.¬† And she’s most definitely wool.¬† A nice hearty shetland wool.

I sat outside yesterday after having my lunch and finished the mid-back gusset.¬† Between the commutes and the ball game watching last night, I’m two stripes short of finishing the striped section.

I wasn’t going to finish the row before the end of the ferry ride so no lazing on the bench picture for her today.¬† You get the crumpled up lap-o-wool on ferry shot instead.

I’m heading to W.O.O.L. 2008 tomorrow for the weekend so I hope to make some progress on her.¬† I’m also bringing Ladybug and fiber.¬† I think I’ll leave the NZAK at home so I can concentrate on the actual projects I have going (Ballerina and baby sweater yarn).¬† The twins will be with my folks on a boat trip to Kingston NY for the weekend.¬† They’ll be going with another boat, the dentist, his wife and their two granddaughters.¬† I have the house to myself tonight as they’re heading to the boat after dinner.¬† I’ll probably hit the road tomorrow after a leisurely breakfast and miss the morning rush.¬† I’m really looking forward!¬† So no post from me until probably Monday when I’ll be enjoying a recovery day at home.

Craft on!

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