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Still Summer

August 20th, 2008 · 9 Comments

I know my calendar still reads August but apparently Mother Nature missed that memo.  It was COLD here this morning.  Cold for August that is.  Very warm for say, January.  Naturally my kids both had to wear shorts and Kat insisted on a sleeveless shirt.  At least I got them both to put on sweaters.  Weirdos.  This is what the car reported as I headed toward the daycare center..

And yes, I wore a sweater today too.  Ribby!

Another interesting site this morning.

My office is right next to the South Street Seaport and periodically there’s a mounted cop nearby.¬† I see him more often in the morning while I’m on my way in.¬† Usually they are walking along Front Street, but today, they were just standing there.¬† Hanging out.¬† Pretty horse.¬† Cop wasn’t so bad either 😉

Okay.. moving along.¬† I’ve hit the MIDWAY point on Ballerina now.¬† YAY!¬† Two weeks of monogamous knitting and I’ve done a quarter of this sweater.¬† Damn that’s alot of little garter stitches.¬† I slogged my way through first first half of the mid-back gusset while watching the Sox-Orioles game on the puter.¬† Figured out that i can configure my mac with a hot corner so that it disables the screen saver.¬† I got to sit back and watch while I knit, with ironically the 32″ flat screen tv behind the monitor.¬† Need to find if i can output my ‘puter video to the tv!¬† Anyway, here’s Ballerina during her photo shoot this morning.

This gusset is a twin to the one to the right.¬† After this will be another set of 17 stripes matching the previous one.¬† Oh yeah, the second half of the sweater is a mirror to the first with the increases now becoming decreases!¬† Doing some rudimentary math, if I can maintain this monogamy, Ballerina will be done in some 4 weeks.¬† Yeah, I don’t think I can focus that long either 😉

Craft on!

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