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Mixed Bag

August 18th, 2008 · 7 Comments

This weekend was very much a mixed bag.  I was happy it was the weekend, but not happy with it all at the same time.  I woke up with a hearty headache on Saturday morning.  In all true, I went to sleep with it Friday night after playing the expansion pack to Puzzle Quest far too late.

I had an 11:45 dentist appointment that didn’t help matters.¬† My dentist is starting to replace my old silver amalgam fillings with new fangled material and I have a bunch of fillings.¬† Some of the Novocaine seeped into my jaw joint and stiffened the hell out of it.¬† I couldn’t open my mouth.¬† However, we were working on the last two lower teeth and well, the dentist had to force my jaw open.¬† I hate to say it, but it is still stiff and a bit sore, but nothing like it was on Saturday.¬† Add that to the existing headache.

While the kids played in the pool, I tried to ignore the head and jaw and took to outside for a bit.¬† Here’s the garden this year:

It is right up against the back of the house, across the walk from the pool.¬† Got a picture of bandit as a bonus.¬† This year we have basil, oregano (the two unruly plants closest to Bandit), peppers and a couple of varieties of tomatoes.¬† There really isn’t anything like fresh off the vine tomatoes!¬† And we’ve had some vandals this year too.¬† This is what some furry vandal left on the ground in the garden..

This vandal didn’t even bother to knock down the tomato!

Fortunately they’ve left more than they’ve damaged so we’ve gotten to eat a goodly bunch of these red yummies.¬† I spent the winter putting Bandit’s droppings in the soil so it is nicely enriched this year.¬† He’s earning his keep.¬† Sorta.¬† And now he’s blowing his tiny little fuzzy coat so I’m going to get some fiber from him too.¬† We’ll see how much that works out to be 😉

Saturday evening the twins had a birthday party to go to.¬† With a DJ and clown!¬† Not great with a headache.¬† But it wasn’t so bad.¬† First party for a 5 year old that really took into account that the parents stay.¬† Had tasty adult beverages for us, as well as yummy adult food on top of the juice and pizza for the kids.¬† I hung out with a couple of the other mommies and had a pretty decent time.¬†¬† AFter getting the kids to bed, I finally felt good enough to knit and watch some TV.¬† Saw Michael Phelps hit the 8 medal milestone and turned in for the night.

Sunday was a bit better, but I still had the headache.¬†¬† I hung by the pool knitting while dad swam with the kids.¬† I’ve made significant progress on Ballerina and here is where she is now. The requisite East River bench shot.

Notice that I finished the back raglan striping.  I also did the first of three blue gussets on the the back.  The current striped section calls for 17 stripes and increases on 3 of them.  Thank goodness for the new swiss army knife like gadget that now lives in my purse.

Thanks to the help of StitchMinder, I’m tracking on the top counter how many stripes are left to do (can set it to count in reverse), stripes between increases (second counter down) and on the last counter, the number of increases I’ve done!¬† I loves this app.¬† BTW, you don’t need an iPhone to use it, but can also get this bad boy on an iPod Touch!¬† The next thing I need on my iPhone is the equivalent of the spreadsheet I’ve been toting around on my Palm Pilot for years, yarn yardage requirements…or a quick cheat sheet for the kitchener stitch since I can never remember how to start it.¬† I think I’ll develop something like that for my Learning to Program for iPhone¬† project.¬† Any other suggestions as to what would be good in a knitting app?

Oh and the pink Sony headphones?¬† I realized in the car this morning that I’d left my Sennheiser earphones at home.¬† Kat loaned me these.¬† They are hers for using with the DVD player in the car.¬† What a sweetie?¬† But yes, I’ll be using the apple earbuds I have at the office for the ride home.

Craft on!

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