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August 15th, 2008 · 7 Comments

So yesterday I mentioned that I was thinking about doing mittens. Seems like a good idea yes? I need a small purse project and I’m somewhat out of love with socks again. And we can always use new mittens. I headed for my knitting bookshelf in the basement and came back with this small selection:

Why yes, I do have a few mitten books. I spent the next hour flipping through, getting all excited about a pattern, mentally reviewing stash and what Modern Yarn carries only to pile em all back up and move em back to the basement. I also sort of decided to let the twins have some voice in what I make them this year. I went back to knitting Ballerina and took it happily off to SnB last night.

I mentioned my mitten book excitement and how I couldn’t settle down on a pair at SnB. I was also looking at a newly restocked collection of Rowan Felted Tweed. Paige suggested Jared’s mittens in the new Vogue Knitting. So…

+ = mitten project.

I actually bought enough of the Felted Tweed so that I can fudge a coordinating hat and perhaps neck wrap of some sort.

While I was at it, I flipped through both Vogue and the fall IK.¬†¬† I have to admit, I’m underwhelmed by the IK and am not sorry that I’ve let my subscription lapse.¬† As to Vogue, I’ve never been a big fan as there were far more of the “what where they thinking” kind of projects as compared to something that I would actually knit.¬† I have to say, I really like this issue.¬† There were at least 4 sweaters that I’d love to make and a whole collection of mittens.¬† Awesome.

No, I haven’t started the mittens yet, need to dig out the DPN’s, so I worked on Ballerina during my commute.

The short rows are getting quite long!¬† I’m this close..

.. to finishing up this striped section and working the solid blue gusset that sits next to the middle back stripes.¬† You know, that sentence makes no sense even to me and I KNOW the pattern! Suffice it to say that that little clump of blue stitches on the needle are what are left to be eaten up in the “short” rows.

I’m somewhat amazed at how much progress I can make on a particular project when working solely on it.¬† Project monogamy:¬† who knew?!¬† I haven’t touched anything since Ballerina returned to¬† active duty.¬† I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve made this much progress, but I am.¬† I do need to put something in my purse as Ballerina lives in my small tote bag and doesn’t go everywhere with me.¬† I’ve been caught sans knitting recently, like on the iPhone line, because of that state.¬† I did pick up some new sock yarn last night as well, and nearly started the a pair this morning, but I hates the circs that I brought.¬† Cable is far too enthusiastic for me.¬† I might have to venture out at lunchtime and pick up new ones.¬† Maybe Century 21 for a new purse and then to Seaport for DPNS.¬† sounds like a plan.¬† Then I can knit this yarn….

I know, socks??!¬† What a concept 😉

Craft on (and have a wonderful weekend!)

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