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Ballerina Fatigue

August 14th, 2008 · 2 Comments

…not for me mind you. I’m still worried that ya’ll are tiring of this, maybe not now but another couple of weeks as it slowly creeps along fatigue will creep in. I’ll have to toss in something else to spare ya. For some odd reason, I’m not feeling the sock love. Shame since there is all that sock yarn, but that won’t go to waste, not with the NZAK sitting next to me. Oh yeah, I’m working from home today.

For probably the first time ever, I had a thought yesterday on the ferry that perhaps I should start working on hats/mittens/scarves for the shorties (and me) prior to the cold weather setting in. Instead of waiting for frozen fingers to start th projects, I could really start now and actually be prepared. I know. Shocking. Scared me too 😉 I wonder if getting Folk Knitting in Estonia from the IK Hurt Book sale probably has something to do with the desire to knit cute mittens eh?

While we wait for warm accessory inspiration to settle down into actual project, I’ll continue making progress on Ballerina.¬† I had extra knitting time yesterday between lunch with Kim and Deborah (who I had yet to meet!).¬† Lunch ended all too soon as I had a 2pm technical conference call with a client.¬† At least I was able to knit while on the phone.¬† Befuddled my coworker who was in the room with me while she watched me knit as I explained the configuration requirements of the software program I’d written.¬†¬† And then last night, after finally getting some late work done, I settled down with Ballerina and the Sox game on ESPN.¬†¬† I think I made decent progress, what do you think?

I think she’s coming along nicely!¬† It continues to grow one stitch at the hem edge every 6th ridge.¬† I’m tracking that with the help of this new app on my iPhone.¬† StitchMinder.¬† It’s pretty good.¬† Good timing too.¬† I was planning on trying to write something similar myself.¬† Picked up a couple of books on Saturday from B&N on coding for the Mac.¬† Signed up with the Mac Developers group and downloaded the iPhone SDK (software development kit) only to find that I needed to have Mac OSX Leopard installed.¬† I was still running Tiger, but fortunately my MacBook came with Leopard in the box if not on the computer.¬† I dug it out from where I had stashed the disk and got to upgrading. All is installed and I’ve started learning the language.¬† It isn’t much different from the others in concept, just the syntax.¬† Shouldn’t be too hard.

SnB tonight so expect more progress on Ballerina, even if I am working at home today and will lose the commute knitting.¬† I hope to make it up at the store 🙂

Craft on!

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