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The Will of the People

August 13th, 2008 · 5 Comments

I gave ya’ll a chance yesterday, but it seems that Ballerina is a fan favorite.¬† Maybe not quite the appeal of Kauni Damask (which should be back in work shortly – I do want to wear her to Rhinebeck), but popular nonetheless.¬† Okay, this morning I stopped knitting a row short of where I could have on the ferry so as to get a good flat picture.

I finished the sleeve bits last night, including binding off the provisional cast on.¬† At some point, I’ll go back and sew the seam.¬† I’ve moved on to knitting the back, restoring the side seam stitches that have been hanging about on a spare needle since starting the sleeve.¬† With that done, I am now finally back to using ONE needle 🙂

The back IS longer than the front.¬† Every couple of ridges, there is an increase at the hem edge.¬† That is what I’m tracking with that pink yarn running in and out.

And a closer look at the striped raglan seam progressing on the back.

That’s about it, I’ve got to go finish up a custom SQL script for a customer who totally screwed their implementation last year after being warned a number of time who now want it cleaned up.¬† Sigh.

Craft on!

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