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As the borg say…

August 7th, 2008 · 6 Comments

…resistance is futile. I could withstand it no longer. All the futzing around with different phones was because I really wanted one of these:

I could fight it no longer. I just got back to the office after waiting in line here. I picked up the 16g black sweet heart. Anyone who remembers the fight I had a while ago porting my number from T-Mobile to Sprint (and yes there will be hell to pay at Sprint for breaking my contract early) will be happy to know that while it took over a week then, it was done in no more than 5 minutes this time. Totally amazing.

No real pictures to show of knitting or spinning. Last night I didn’t touch the wheel but played two games of spring training baseball in MLB the show while listening to the Sox beat up on the Royals. I spent a good bit of the ride home yesterday trying to web browse on my tiny little screen on the Katana phone (eBay bound) to get more than a row done. I didn’t fare too much better this morning though I did manage to complete 3 ridges of the solid blue on Ballerina. I’ll be knitting more tonight. Promise. It is SnB night afterall 🙂

Live long and prosper \\//_

edited to add:¬† I had a pretty decent experience waiting on the line.¬† When I jumped on, was given my choice of which one I wanted, they told me it was @2.5 hour wait from there.¬† Turned out to be only 1.5 or so but it went fast and was pretty darn enjoyable.¬† I made friends with the guys ahead of me.¬† It was sunny and hot as we turned the corner.¬† The store folks were passing out these big umbrellas so that we could shade ourselves and well, not pass out on their property.¬† One of the two guys volunteered to hold an umbrella for me.¬† Very nice.¬† The feller in front of him picked up the tab for a couple of bottles of water from the hot dog cart guy and the three of us had an enjoyable wait.¬† Who said New Yorkers aren’t nice?!?

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