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Two days

August 5th, 2008 · 7 Comments

Thanks to everyone for their mojo wishes yesterday. Apparently, the trick was to pick up something else and work on that for a while. I have to say, I am enjoying knitting Ballerina again, especially since progress can be seen:

Again, I took this picture alongside the East River after getting off the ferry.¬† Its safe to assume that any picture of knitting with sunshine included was taken on the way to work.¬† This bench should be the tip off that it was near the ferry ;)¬† As you can see, I’ve made it through the first solid section on the sleeve and am into the stripes.¬† There will be 17 white and blue stripes before moving back to the solid blue and tapering the sleeve down for the other side.¬† I found help in approaching this sweater to make it perhaps a tad easier.¬† Excellent posts over here.¬† I used a provisional cast on as they did so that I can three needle bind off the sleeves and not have any sewing to do.¬† We all know how I hates sewing, hand quilting notwithstanding.¬† Never said I was consistent 😉 Anyway.. this makes the same project two days running.¬† Woot.

Last night I spent with my XM Radio and my Ladybug.¬† Have I mentioned that I love my bug?¬† Yes?¬† All righty then.¬† I’m about an arm’s length of roving from finishing the first 4oz of the Ultraviolet.¬† Still in love with it.¬† Enjoyed it mightily while listening to the Sox game, even if they did lose.¬† Boo.¬† It was close at the end!¬† Have to say, I’m liking this Jason Bay feller and MLB08 The Show has updated the roster to reflect his addition.¬† Woot.¬† (Oh yeah, I played a little baseball on the PS3 last night before settling in at the wheel)

Pretty no?  I should finish up this first bobbin tonight and move onto the second.

That’s about it for today.¬† I need to go unit test some of my code prior to a status meeting and our pre-release build this afternoon.

Craft on!

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