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August 4th, 2008 · 9 Comments

This weekend was one filled with friends, fiber, food and family. For a change I was able to attend one of Jessica‘s monthly fibery gatherings. My parents surprised me by taking the twins to the boat Friday night after dinner, giving me the evening off. Sadly, because of the current allergy/cold condition, I didn’t get to seriously take advantage of it beyond playing XBox while listening to the Red Sox on XM and calling it an early night with the help of Benadryl. I did get to sleep late and lay around in bed Saturday morning. But because of the now persistent cough, I canceled my dentist appointment. It wasn’t enough to stop me from heading to Jessica’s house at 1 to enjoy her monthly fiber event. Great posts and pictures on that by Deb and Chris and as I suffer from systemic camnesia, I have no photographic evidence.

What did I bring? Oh some yummy fiber that I bought from Jessica on Thursday night to make something for baby sister’s newest baby girl to be (due in Dec/Jan). This is some divine superwash merino in her Ultraviolet color. I started it on the Ladybug (currently the only wheel getting any love) but due to aforementioned camnesia, can’t prove it. The only reason I have a picture is Jess forwarded it to me in email 😉

Pretty no?¬† It is spinning itself.¬† Oh and I might have picked up some more fiber on Saturday…

I headed from the wonderful afternoon of food, fiber and friends up to the boat to meet up with the family types.¬† I got there in time to go out for dinner.¬† After a day of laying about doing not much of anything beyond listening to the Sox on the XM, I was ready to come home.¬† I actually was jonesing to spin more but didn’t feel like schlepping the wheel all the way through the marina down to the boat.¬† Oh well.¬† I spun last night while watching Live Free or Die Hard in Blu-ray on the new PS3.¬† I’m about 3oz into the 8oz that I picked up and it looks like the resulting yarn is going to be fingering/sport weight.¬† Now to find a nice baby sweater pattern for it.

The title for this post comes from the fact that I’m just not feeling the love from any of the “active” knits recently.¬† I hit the cuff on the current sock and couldn’t get through the inch of ribbing and bind the damn thing off.¬† WRS?¬† Haven’t touched her beyond doing a few rows at SnB on Thursday.¬† I was ready to cast on something last night but couldn’t think of anything that was burning itself towards the top of the queue.¬† I dug around next to the knitting chair and found an oldie but goodie that wasn’t too big for commuting knitting this hot and humid time of year.¬†¬† Remember this?

Ballerina is back to active, last touched sometime in April/May I think.¬† Not too dull so as to bore the crud out of me and not so darn involved that I need to sit with a chart in my lap.¬† All in all, makes for an excellent commute knit.¬† I’ve made some decent progress and am a few garter ridges short of the striped sections on the first sleeve.¬† The pink business is waste yarn along the edges or markers for assisting in the various odd bits that need to be done like the raglan short rows or the increases along the edge.¬† I’m going to take some time and translate the weirdly formatted pattern into a spreadsheet. I took the picture this morning after getting off the ferry.

Finally, this is something I’ve been meaning to ask ya’ll about.¬† Since I started taking the ferry last year I’ve been curious as to its docking maneuver.¬† They simply drive the boat up to the dock, push the bow to the edge and rev the engines keeping the sucker in place.¬† We all get on/off with the boat like this.¬† Is this standard ferry docking practice?¬† or just some weird NYC little boat thing?¬† You can see my ferry in the below picture “docked” and right behind it you can see the lower Brooklyn “waterfall”.

Craft on!

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