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Tabula Rasa

July 23rd, 2008 · 14 Comments

It has been ages since I posted regularly.¬† I’ve mentioned this is the past that the longer I go without posting, the more I want to write, the more time is necessary to write it and as a result, the less likely that an actual post is going to happen.¬† This morning on the train I decided it was time to break my radio silence and just move on.¬† Declare tabula rasa and start fresh.¬† That was my approach to blogging in the first place as well as how I’ve handled Ravelry.¬† So no more waiting for me to organize and upload the gajillion pictures I took from the boat over vacation.¬† I might eventually get around to it, but don’t hold your breath.


I’ve been plurking.¬† Go figure, I’m crazyfiberlady there.¬† Seriously fun timesuck.¬† Good for slow days in the office for sure.


What else?¬† Oh yes.¬† There’s the spinning.¬† I’ve been trying to do the 10 minute a day thing.¬† While it didn’t work while on vacation (no didn’t bring a wheel on the boat) and took me a long while to get back into it after returning home, I’m back to it now.¬† First, I finished the merino that I’m hoping will be a sweater for Alexander.¬† I just need to break out the Fricke eSpinner and ply.¬† I have to admit, I honestly didn’t enjoy spinning this.¬† The dyed merino was slightly felted and made for uneven spinning.¬† The solid stuff had clumps and shorter bits in it that also made for uneven spinning.¬† Bleh.¬† I still have 8oz of each left and hoping that plied, this is enough for A-man’s sweater.


Once done with those singles, I pulled out some fiber that hasn’t been marinating for very long.¬† It is kettle dyed BFL from Wool Peddler in Neapolitan that I blame credit Jess with making me buy.¬† It is so very worth it.¬† First, most of ya know my tendency towards the Neapolitan colorway.¬† I’ve gone through a bit of it over the years in both yarn and fiber form.


I’ve got 8oz of this heaven.¬† I tore the roving in half and have been taking arm length sections of one half, splitting that into finger width sections or so and then spinning those in the same orientation.¬† This stuff is spinning itself!¬† The fiber is perfect.¬† No clumps.¬† No felting.¬† No fuzzballs.¬† Nuthing.¬† I nearly bought myself a birthday present yesterday of enough in the Moulin Rouge colorway to spin myself a cardigan.¬† Hmm.. might have to do a little destashing sale to support that idea.¬† Check back soon on that all right????¬† Anyway…I’m making slow but seriously enjoyable progress on this and might take it slower than normal to savor the experience!


I’ve also been knitting.¬† Here’s my progress on WRS.¬† No you aren’t seeing things and I’m not trying to trick ya with some photoshop color change magic.¬† I did restart it, this time using a light heathered grey.¬† Same yarn though.¬† I’d been looking at the Dark Rose and as the knitting progressed, I just wasn’t loving the color.¬† It isn’t me.¬† Its also a huge project and to not love love love love the yarn was the kiss of death for it.¬† I liked the yarn itself, so I ordered more in this more traditional color.¬† I cast on for it on 7/15, this time using red perle cotton as my waste yarn.¬†¬† I really like the light grey and the heathering has some lovely effects that my camera couldn’t catch this morning on the ferry.¬† At some point, I might be able to relay those.


We’ve got a new lunch spot near the office.¬† Well, it isn’t exactly around the corner, but it is a free ferry ride away!¬† NY Watertaxi runs free shuttles from Pier 11 (4 blocks from my office and where I pick up my commuter ferry) over to this spot behind Ikea in Brooklyn.¬† Ride takes about 15 minutes.¬† A couple of us took the trip last week, or was it the week before.¬† Excellent lunch.¬† Had a pair of Ikea newbies with us so lunch took longer than normal as we walked them through the store 😉


Finally, I spotted this bus on the way to the office one day parked near the South Street Seaport.¬† We speculated that the back section is a sleeper area.¬† Anyone know for sure what’s up with this thing?

That’s it for now.¬† More sooner than later this time.¬† I promised.

Craft on!

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July 7th, 2008 · 10 Comments

Well I’m now officially back from vacation. I have a ton up pictures to upload and I need to organize the 10 days out of the office into some coherent post. But I haven’t blogged in a while and didn’t want to wait any longer. I suspected I might get a few “are you okay” emails and I didn’t want to worry anyone.

So here’s just a quick post, I’m back. I boated. I knit. I did both together.


Yes, that is the WRS I am working on.¬† I finished the second repeat and started the third.¬† I also knit a pair of socks, shopped, guitar hero’ed and a few other things.¬† Hopefully I’ll have a real post later in the week.¬† Now its back to the daily routine.

Craft on!

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