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The Long Weekend

May 27th, 2008 · 4 Comments

It is back to work day, but I had a glorious three days off. 

Saturday was devoted to running errands avec les monkeys.¬† There were stops at the jewelers to drop off my diamond studs to have the post fixed on one (I used it to tighten my knitpicks needle and managed to break it – totally stupid), AC Moore for perle 8 cotton for the bobbin lace, JaCques Penney for new underwear for the boy, and finally PetSmart as all the pets were out of foodstuffs.¬† I’m sure there were other stops, oh yeah, the Apple Store for a nifty new keyboard and Jessica’s house to feed Stitches while she’s away, not to mention the ever popular McD’s for lunch.¬† The downside to working in the city all week is that these little errand trips can only be done on weekends, and add in the county blue laws that limit them to Saturday alone.¬† Oh well.¬† Fact of life and one I’m used to even if I don’t like it.¬† I broke out the bobbin lace and did the first bookmark in the book.¬† Cool!¬† No pictures of that, I totally forgot and Kat ran off with the thing.


The rest of the weekend was spent on the boat enjoying the family and spending time with friends.¬† We’re really good friends with the people on the boat next to us.¬† The owners are about the same age as my folks who have three daughters as well.¬† Their oldest daughter is away and the grandfolks had their two granddaughters for the weekend:¬† 8 and 5.¬† The girls and the twins spent alot of time together.¬† The families had a bbq at the marina Saturday night and then birthday cake for the Mr (who also happens to be our dentist).¬†


The twins discovered for the first time that they can get on and off the boat by themselves. It can be a big step and we made sure that they were wearing their PFD’s anytime they moved above.¬† And yes, Miss K is wearing a dress.¬† She doesn’t like pants.¬† At all.¬† Boy did they make mom nervous with all their off and on’ing.¬†

kat's amore

With the kids playing with the girls next door, I got some nice quiet time to get some knitting done.¬† They were off on a dingy ride with the other grandpa when I took this picture out on the bow.¬† I nearly lost the thing overboard in a gust right after the bow picture.¬† I managed to grab the yarn right as the sweater went below the rail.¬† Doh.¬†The color is¬†acurate for a change.¬† I took¬†the picture in full sunshine with the white hull beneath.¬† I should save all my blog¬†photos¬†for blog weekends 🙂 ¬†I’ve since finished the body and the tie/neck.¬† I replicated the tie/neck from Shaped V-Neck.¬† I put the stitches for the first sleeve on the needles this morning on the ferry.¬† I have to say, I love knitting for the monkeys.

I hope everyone who celebrated had a good memorial day.¬† I surely did.¬† Add in that the CSM has a new home and I’m doubly happy!¬† I’m back to only one.¬† A good thing.

Craft on!

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  • 1 --Deb // May 27, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    I can see how that would make a grandma nervous!

    And, using your diamond earring to tighten your knitting needle? Um, you know, paperclips work and they’re a lot cheaper…. (grin)

  • 2 Kim // May 27, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Ahoy there! Kat’s Pound of Love sweater is looking so awesome!

  • 3 JessaLu // May 27, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    The sweater is shaping up nicely! :o)

  • 4 Ina // May 28, 2008 at 10:38 am

    That’s two giant steps for young children! Hooray for K & A!

    Diamond stud knitting tools? That has gots to be the acme of elegance. Impractical, but elegant.

    Hey! I just noticed your banner photo changes! Cool!