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Crazy Week

May 9th, 2008 · 3 Comments

It has been a very crazy week at Chez CFL.¬† This weekend was hands down a blast.¬† I had a fabulous time with Jessica, who is as always, a fabo festival buddy.¬† She has an excellent write up of our weekend.¬† Heck, I’ve already posted all the photos I took.¬† Sadly, the only camera I used was my phone and posted them immediately.¬† I’m also gonna skip the whole photographic evidence of my fiber-y gluttony beyond the shot into the back of my car on Sunday.

BTW, Manise had it right, I only bought one wheel this weekend, the Ladybug.¬† I had toted the Matchless along as my weekend wheel but she never made it out of the car.¬† One of my early purchases on Saturday was the trundle wheels for her, but they were returned a few hours later when I bought the Ladybug.¬† All the stuff on the right side was Jessica’s¬†with mine on the left.¬† I purchased NO fleece (Jessica picked up that gorgeous Cormo), believe it or not, but the rest of the white fluffy bits were bundles of BFL from Little Barn.

ladybug's ladybug

I took Monday off from work to relax and recover from the weekend.¬† I learned this trick a bunch of years ago and try to repeat it whenever possible.¬† It gives me a day to indulge the spinning demons that possess me after a weekend at the festival.¬† I also HAD to get to know the new wheel.¬† I didn’t realize that each wheel had a little ladybug in different spots.¬† Here’s my little cutie.¬† That black bit in the stretchy driveband going over the whorl.¬† I love that the flyers/bobbins are completely interchangable with the Matchless (who you can see sitting behind the ladybug).¬†

Mystery Roving

I started with this bump of mystery roving that I picked up from Still River Mill(?).¬† It’s approximately 9 oz or so that varied in color from the light pink on the outside to that green on the inside.¬† I spun it as it at what will hopefully be a worsted weight two ply.¬† I um, finished this up by the end of Monday :)¬† Two bobbins worth.¬† I’m going to ply it with a natural colored BFL that I got from Little Barn.¬† I’m mostly done with the first of those bobbins now.¬†


So after all this spinning with the Ladybug, two pretty intense days, I have to say, I LOVES her.¬† She’s definitely a Schacht and spins like one.¬† She bothers my ankle not a whit which is perfect.¬† Anything longer than a half hour and Gem had me hurting.¬† This baby?¬† Nuthin.¬† Hours and hours spent with her were joyful and painfree.¬† Gem is now looking for a new home.¬† Again, you can see my Matchless sneaking into the picture behind Ladybug.

Tuesday was just insane.¬† I chaperoned a field trip for the kids to an area farm to learn about animals.¬† Four school busloads full of little kids.¬† {shudder}¬† Three pre-k’s and the kindergarten class.¬† It was fun, but somewhere during the second hour, the 21 little kids in my group all started to hit the wall of attention span and were wandering off.¬†

Wednesday was rather uneventful but my first day back in the office since Thursday.¬† We’re preparing for a release so things are a bit crazed as we try to cram more and more into the package.¬† I hit my deadline on the big project last week and have now moved into a QA phase with it.¬† Feels good, even if I lost about 9 days worth of work in a reorganization of the code.¬† It took way less time to rebuild, thank goodness.

I had to work from home yesterday as Kat developed a stomach bug.¬† Ugh.¬† I think i would have rathered been in the office than spending that much time in the bathroom.¬† She’s better today and went to school.¬† Fingers crossed that she stays there.


Since MD, I’ve been feeling a little off on the knitting.¬† There’s been the overwhelming desire to spin.¬† More troubling though has been the lack of desire to knit on Unst.¬† Not sure why and it doesn’t bode well for the project as a whole.¬† On Wednesday it was replaced for commuting knitting by Leaf Lace shawl.¬†¬† Then last night, after reading a few Ravelry forums, I jumped in on the May Sockdown and started Uzume ¬†(sorry, only have the Ravelry link) in some Koigu that was sitting about.¬† I’m really loving this sock.¬† I’m at the halfway point of the first cuff.¬† Sweet.¬† Not bad for casting it on last night before LOST.

Craft on!

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  • 1 Jessica // May 9, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    Sounds like the bug has been broken in already quite well! And thanks for being a great festival bud as well. Love the new sock!

  • 2 --Deb // May 9, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Well, that IS a whole lot of update! I’m tired just reading it. Glad you like your new wheel so much!

  • 3 Manise // May 9, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    Somehow missed this post earlier. I have a very similarly colored Still River Mystery bump from Rhinebeck. So glad you love your Ladybug.