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May 28th, 2008 · 7 Comments

first bobbinSince yesterday was officially Twirling Tuesday, I pulled out a spinning wheel (or two) to use.  I spun a bit more of the blue-green merino on the Ladybug, but then moved to the recently neglected Matchless and the red mix that I bought from Little Barn at MD.  

I think I need a solid navy merino to ply with this. ¬†I initially bought a black merino for that purpose but I didn’t have the red fiber with me and couldn’t offhand remember what colors were paired with it. ¬†Time to prowl the net.

beading project I’ve rediscovered an older hobby that hasn’t gotten much attention in a few years. ¬†Partially because most of those supplies are sadly, still in my storage unit, tucked way way in the back behind the Ikea shelving units. ¬†Well, the trip to AC Moore led me down the beading aisle because I needle small beads for the projects in the bobbin lace book. ¬†I bought all sorts of stuff. Saturday night I found under my bed in a shoebox all the supplies for a necklace project that was in a Bead magazine. ¬†I must have purchased the stuff last spring, got distracted by something else and just tucked it away, forgotten.¬†

first of many

Not forgotten anymore. ¬†This is the project picture in the magazine with the first of the 5 necessary gold squares that I’ve finished. ¬†I’m using gold delicas and a right angle weave to make these up. ¬†I’ve so far made two of them. ¬†Each one has taken about an hour to put together. ¬†I had to order additional threads for this last night in the topaz and black colors. ¬†While I was at the site, I might have ordered supplies to make another necklace 😉 ¬†And Laurie said I’d go blind with bobbin lace! ¬†The next project with the size 15/0 beads will really make the eyes work!


As if I needed further evidence that my kids are kind of weird, I walked into my bathroom last night to find a toothbrush on the wall. ¬†This is what happens when you mix a four year old and a toothbrush with a suction cup on the other end. ¬†I have to admit, it was not the first time one of the monkeys did this. ¬†Kat was infamous for sticking hers just about anywhere, including the edge of the sink, I just never remembered to photograph it. ¬†I never know what I’m going to find when I walk in there. ¬†Weird.

Craft on!



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