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May 23rd, 2008 · 5 Comments

the needles keep on knitting…

UzumeFirst up is a FINISHED OBJECT! Woot. My first pair of finished socks in an age and a half.

Pattern: Uzume by Monkey Toes

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM

Needles: US1 – 2 circs

Started: 5/8/2008

Finished: 5/22/2008

Flat Feet

I knit these for the Sockdown for May. Sweet. I feel the mojo is back and next up in the sock queue is this yarn which is the seriously different Flat Feet by Conjoined Creations. Interesting concept. The yarn is knit flat, hand painted and then you knit from the flat. Call it sock yarn and I’m pretty much game to try anything 😉 I’m pairing it with the Climbing Lace Socks. Yup, definitely in a lace sock phase presently.

Kat's Amore

So as to further shock and amaze everyone, not only have I spun, plied and washed a pound of fiber since returning from MDSW, I’m actually also knitting it up. I cast on for Kat’s new sweater with the Pound of Love fiber. I started using the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan, borrowed a bit from other patterns and got busy. I’m calling it Kat’s Amore! While it is small today, it is my train knitting.¬† Hopefully I can get a better picture of it shortly.¬† The colors are not quite there in this picture.¬† It is a tad pinker in real life.


I mentioned earlier in the week that I had ordered supplies for something else fiber related.¬† Well in an amazing feat for Jo-Ann’s, I actually received Monday’s order yesterday.¬† I KNOW!!¬† I didn’t even rush order it.¬† I nearly fell over when I got home to find the box waiting for me last night.¬† What was in it?¬† Oh yeah.¬† A beginner’s bobbin lace kit.¬† Yeah, I needed something else to do.¬†¬† Hey it was a hobby that involved thread and/or yarn that I haven’t tried yet.¬† Any guesses what I’ll be playing with over the long weekend? 🙂

Speaking of which, all those celebrating, have a very good Memorial Day Weekend!

Craft on!

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