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May 20th, 2008 · 11 Comments


Ma clapotis, elle est finis!¬†Et¬†ici pour les¬†knitters sans Ravelry.¬† Now that I’ve used just about all the french that I remember from high school..

In the “about time” category is this silly clapotis that took me forever and a day to knit.¬† The first one only took a week.¬† Can’t wait to see how long a third one would take!¬† In this puppy’s defense, I did misplace the yarn a third of the way through it.¬† On the up side, the weather is so damn crappy that I got to wear it this morning.¬† YUM.¬† That Lion & Lamb is to die for!¬† Yum Yum.

I found a nice big holder to use to take a picture this morning.¬† Yup, that would be my car, rather the mommy mobile, sitting in the parking lot waiting for the train.¬† Yeah I know.¬† I’m odd.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes last week for the little miss.¬† Thursday did prove to be the healthy day.¬† Her fever stayed away and she was able to get back to school on Friday.¬† Was even healthy enough for a playdate on Sunday.¬† Boy that was fun.¬† Having two 4.5 year olds in a single house is nowhere near enough.¬† You need to have a third come over and bring her 2 year old brother with her!¬† Oh yes and make sure it rains too 😉


I’ve been knitting away on Uzume and hit the short rows on the flap heel this morning on the ferry. I should be well onto the foot tonight.¬† I’m definitely making the Sockdown May deadline on this pair.¬† I’m all ready to wear them too.¬† I got some seriously nifty shoes last week.¬† Yup, clear Sketchers.¬† In my wee size even!¬† Not the bestest of pictures to show off their transparent coolness, but¬†you can see that they have nice ventiliation to keep the socked feet cool.¬† Got a serious breeze as I stepped off the ferry this morning!¬†¬† Loves them already.¬†

Really, that’s about it for today.¬† I’ll have some activity shortly.¬† I ordered supplies for two new crafts that have intrigued me in the past and yes, in character, they do involve yarn or threadlike substances.¬† I’ve also joined another along for the summer:¬† the Season of Lace.¬† Heck I’d already proclaimed this summer the summer of lace..and socks.¬† I’m itching to start a new lace project.¬† Shut up, I know I have a few already in the works.¬† I might swap Unst square shawl for the Unst stole.. or one of a gillion other lace pieces that are in my queue.¬† I’m trying to decide between a big piece (Unst) or a little one (like Leaf Lace or Shetland Triangle).¬†¬† Decisions, decisions, decisions.¬† Whatever I do, I need to use some of the copious amounts of stash yarn.

Craft on!

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