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May 15th, 2008 · 13 Comments

Sorry for the sustained silence.  It has been a somewhat rough week. 

Tuesday morning, before the alarm clock, I was awakened by the combined sounds of the croup and gagging, paired with a little crying.¬† Mommy-superhero lept out of bed and went a-running.¬† I found Kat sitting on the edge of her bed and had my hand in position just in time.¬† I shall spare the messy details.¬† I took her immediately to my bathroom where I ran the shower on HOT but for a change the steam didn’t ease her breathing.¬† I popped sweaters on both of us and went for the other option:¬† outside and cold air.¬†¬† A little better but sadly she started crying, which resulting in coughing, gagging and more mess.¬† Poor little thing.

Since then she’s been running a fever on and off.¬†¬† The dosage of children’s motrin is enough to bring it down for long enough that I don’t have to do the magic cocktail of alternating it with tylenol.¬† But I’m concerned that this is the second time she’s had the croup since August.¬† (I knew she had it before but couldn’t remember when.¬† A coworker remembered her – actually both the twins did – having it shortly after I started.)¬† There is a family history of asthma, including mom who has it very badly.

Today is actually my first day going into the office.¬† I’d been working remotely so I could stay with my little girl.¬† I just had to go in today, but never fear, she’s been fever free (knock wood) since early yesterday and was playing a board game with mom the last time I called.

Needless to say I haven’t had much time for the old crafting hobbies. The wheel(s) have been untouched since Sunday.¬† The knitting has been idle for longer.¬† The last bit of knitting I remembered doing before this morning, was Friday evening on the way home.¬† I’m a few inches short of the toe on the first of the Uzume socks.¬† I love the pattern.¬† I’d highly recommend it as a great lace sock.¬† There’s only 3 rows to remember, everything else is a straight knit.¬† Awesome.¬† I now find that a simple pattern like that, or even Monkey or Hedera, can make socks fly.¬† Not sure why.¬† There are the same number of rows in a plain sock, but they just seem to go faster, even with the manipulation.¬† Or is it that you can see more progress?¬† Whatever it is I might just pull out one of my stitch bibles and start designing my own simple lace socks.

To prevent this from being a completely pictureless post, I took this shot of Sara this weekend.¬† I discovered the ISO setting on my Rebel XT.¬† I forgot how much I love that camera!¬† You can see how her coat is coming back in.¬† She’s got the guard hair, it is the undercoat that is almost entirely missing still.¬† Funny cat.¬†


(Click to embiggen as always.)


Craft on!

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