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Getting There

April 15th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Shaped V-Neck

I took this picture this morning. As you can see, the Shaped V-Neck is definitely getting there.¬† I completed the last increase and am now in the last two inches or so before the seed stitch lower border.¬† (As always, click to embiggen.)¬† I have odd dreams of making this sweater a few more times in various yarns.¬† I might just be tempted to buy some nice Brooks Farm yumminess next month at MD.¬† Now wouldn’t that be an excellent combination?! Regardless, I’d seriously recommend this pattern! There’s nothing better in my book than a top-down, all in one cardigan.

I didn’t get quite as far as I would have thought last night. I wound up gabbing on the train home. While I did watch the Red Sox come from behind win against Cleveland last night, I wasn’t knitting but sitting with the MacBook (machine name ColonialOne) mucking around with a local installation of Apache/MySQL and WordPress 2.5 for a geeky, yet secret project. The frustrating part of it all was that I had the thing running without problems on Saturday. It then went into sleep mode until last night and all of a sudden, I couldn’t connect to the database. Hard to do anything bloggy without the database accessible. Finally at about the same time the Red Sox overtook the Indians, I had everything running again. I’m about a third of the way through the secret project and it has proven to be a good learning experience in a web language I don’t/didn’t know: PHP. But then again, not too terribly long ago (oh way back in 2006), I didn’t know C# and here I am making a living programming in it.

There I go digressing again.¬† Sorry everyone who glazed over, c’mon back.¬†


Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while has followed my quest for the “perfect” commuter bag.¬† I’ve alternated between the BIG PURSE and the LITTLE PURSE with everything in between.¬† I think I’ve finally struck on a happy medium.¬† Medium really is the answer.¬† I have a medium sized purse where I can carry the essentials (which does include a small knitting project) and a small tote.¬† As you can see, the small tote is large enough for a decent sized knitting project plus other stuff, including as you can see, the current book.¬† My umbrella and travel mug will also fit in as well.¬† This bag is the more durable version of what had been my absolute favorite tote bag and what I returned too over and over again:¬† the small shopping bag.¬† They’re fabulous, but they fall apart all too fast.¬† This LLBean bag is about the same size but is heavy duty canvas so I don’t fear putting the umbrella in lest the bag fall apart on the way.¬† Love it.

With all that love about, I have to get back to work 🙂

Craft on!

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April 14th, 2008 · 3 Comments

snacksI’m hoping to distract you all from the lack of actual knitting pictures today. (Have I mentioned before my love of LOLCATS? If there is one site I hit daily, it is this one!) It is not for a lack of knitting, I just didn’t pull the camera out all weekend. I actually had some bonus knitting time this weekend. Saturday was so gorgeous that I sat outside knitting while the monkeys played.

Sand season has started. Helps that the folks bought a new bag of the stuff last week so their sandbox has been replenished.

Last night I stayed up way too late watching the Red Sox and the Yankees battle it out. I didn’t make it to the end of the game and fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the 7th inning. I did get to see the good stuff though. Can those two teams play LONGER games perhaps? Almost two hours into the game and it was just the top of the 4th. Amazing.

Speaking of the Yankees/Red Sox, I’m guessing everyone saw this tidbit. Makes me giggle. I wonder what else is buried in the concrete of the new Yankee Stadium.

Anyway, with all that knitting time, I was able to make it almost completely through the increase section at the bottom of the Shaped V-Neck Cardigan. I really want this sweater for MDSW and I don’t think it is much of a stretch to say it will be done for then.

I upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.5 this weekend. I haven’t noticed any problems outright yet. I do like the new dashboard interface and yes, the spacing problem when posting from a Mac has been resolved. I am having issues getting the Flickr plugin to serve up pictures. I’m not sure if that is a problem with the plugin or the network at the office. Anyone else upgrade and use that plugin?

Craft on!

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Busy Bee

April 9th, 2008 · 6 Comments

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been pretty busy of late. My big project at work still proceeds apace and I managed to overcome a rather problematic issue today. Goodness indeed.

Jessica and I decided to take advantage of the varying sized cylinders we each have for our NZAKs and traded one to try out. In exchange for my 72, I have her 60 to test drive. Last week I cranked out my first pair on the NZAK using the 54 but amazingly found them to be a bit tight. Yeah, I know, surprised me too! Anyway, so Sunday evening, I gave the 60 a shot. I pulled out the Opal Acapulco that was included with my NZAK. Two hours of cranking, stitch moving, etc later, followed by another 40 min or so of kitchnering, I have a pair of perfectly fitting socks WITH a picot edge. Something I’ve never enjoyed hand knitting. Sweet.


I’m still rather partial to fraternal twins for some odd reason 🙂 I wore these babies on Monday. Perfection. Now I can only hope that the 72 is as magical for Jessica as the 60 is for me 😉

I figured it was also time for an update on Ballerina. I made a good deal of progress on it while I was laying in bed sick. The semi-mindless garter stitch was perfect for that. Honestly, I haven’t touched it since after the two days of sick time.


I then spent two days on Orkney Pi – take two..

orkney pi

And the reminder of the time (another day or so) went towards the ill fated Orangebell.

Sadly, there is NO knitting going on now, what with all the reading. See what Amazon brought me today 😉


And that doesn’t cover what I was reading today. I have this book on my new phone/pda toy and devoted today’s commute to reading it. ¬† Yeah I’m hooked.

I think I’m going to park on the easy chair for a bit and finally do some knitting before turning in early.¬† I was up far too late last night adding new tunes to the iPod 🙂

Craft on!

p.s. – as a forewarning, I’m planning on upgrading to the new version of¬† WordPress this weekend so the site might be down a bit.

p.p.s. РAlso as a remind, check your RSS subscription through your reader.   If appears anywhere, it will no longer function once I finally close that account.

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April 8th, 2008 · 12 Comments

My oldest WIP is finally complete! 

Yes my friends, I finally sewed the darn zipper into Ribby Cardi Two.


I know.¬† Totally amazing!¬† This sweater has only been sitting completed except for the zipper since, um, October!¬† And now an odd and somewhat dorky self portait of me actually wearing the thing…


After all that, I do likes it.  Project details:

Pattern:  Ribby Cardigan from ChicKnits
Yarn:¬† Cascade 220 in Black and Grey (8555 and¬†8400) – purchased at a yearly Webs sale (which¬†I’m trying hard to resist now)¬†:)
Needles:¬† US7 & 8’s I think
Started:  04/05/06 
Completed:  04/06/08

The dates make me smile.  Unlike my prior two zippered sweaters, I actually hand sewed the zippers.

The current sweater is progressing though not as quickly as it should…


I’m just above the armholes currently.¬† If memory serves, and I haven’t touched this thing since Saturday as I’ve been deeply engrossed in a book, I’m one row away from putting the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.¬† What books has had me put the knitting away on the train?¬† This one: The Other Boleyn Girl
I walked past it a number of times in the book store.¬† I needed something to read one day and picked it up.¬† It was a really enjoyable read.¬† Seriously, I haven’t knit on the train since Thursday and have been reading this since. Well that was until last night’s right home when I finished it.¬†¬† I placed an order for the next book yesterday.¬† Hopefully Amazon will get it to me tomorrow.¬†

Well, back to hacking code…

Craft on!

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Many sleeps

April 2nd, 2008 · 11 Comments

Oh geez it has been a while since my last post.¬† So much for the frequent updates eh?¬† Alot has happened since my last update that we’ll just hit on the bullet points.

What I thought was allergies bringing me down wasn’t really.¬† Felt like them but Wednesday morning (um 2 weeks ago now) I woke up with a fever and body aches that kept me down for the remainder of the work week.¬† Looked more like the flu then.¬† I started with my spring allergy meds of once daily claritin and flonase/nasonex so I’m better now.

I’ve been knitting.¬† I even made it to the sleeve on the Boatneck BlueOrangebell.¬† I took this picture on the ferry yesterday.

bluebellSadly, the fate of Orangebell is a sad one.¬† I tried it on last night to check sleeve length and my fears were confirmed.¬† The peeps at MY SnB can corroborate, but I suspected that the decorative elements around the waist would not be so friendly with my post twin pregnancy body.¬† This fear became a reality when I tried this sucker on.¬† Ew.¬† It is a gorgeous sweater and a great knit, but just not for me.¬† I know if I have to wear a girdle or kin below a sweater, it just ain’t going to be worn.¬†¬†¬†I started frogging it immediately.¬† I liked the yarn too much.

kps_cardi1This morning on the train it was officially re-purposed into a sweater I’ve been dying to knit since I first saw Kim’s.¬† It is a Knitting Pure & Simple top down v-neck cardigan.¬† I’ll definitely get some serious usage out of this sucker.

Monday was one of those EXCELLENT mail days.¬† My first fleece of the year arrived.¬† Let’s backtrack a tad.¬† For a few years now, I’ve been buying CVM¬†fleece from White Barn Farm.¬† Well last year, a lamb was named for me.¬† Here’s her picture…


Aint’ she a cutie?!¬† Anyway, it is spring and beyond new lambs, it means shearing season!¬† ‘Natch I had her lamb fleece reserved since early fall :)¬† It arrived Monday.¬†


My favorite, a black variegated fleece!¬† I might be feeling a little over ambitious, but I’d really love to use this particular fleece to make my first adult sized sweater from handspun.

The other arrival on Monday was this…


Yay.  A box full of bubble wrap and styrofoam!!!  My favorites :)  Unwrapped and assembled, it became this..


Anyone who didn’t see this coming doesn’t know me very well ;)¬† And no, I don’t have three of these suckers.¬† I shipped the no-name eBay purchse off to New Zealand as a trade-in credit towards the NZAK.¬† Also, the Canadian AK is up for sale (email or comment for details).¬† It needs a new home.¬† Soon.

Deborah served as a key supporter on this purchase.¬† We had an excellent email discussion after my post regarding Jessica’s NZAK wherein she gave me the same advice I would have given someone else.¬†

If you REALLY want that one then you should definitely sell the two you have and
get that baby.  Everyone should be totally happy with what they got and if that one is what will do it for ya, then why not?

Amen Deborah and thank you! 

One last thing, Deborah is fundraising for a worthy cause. 

 Craft on!

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