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Another day…

April 29th, 2008 · 6 Comments

unst center 2

…another repeat!¬† Make that two, two glorious diamonds tall already.¬† Two down, 17 more to go and I’m halfway through one now.¬† I’d be further, maybe, but I had to stand on the crowded ferry this morning!¬† (We had the little dinghy boat and while I could have waited for the next one, I opted to cram on.)¬† I have most of the pattern memorized so it isn’t difficult commuting knitting.¬† Add in that I have the pattern all neatly organized in the plastic sleeve to which a post-it sticks beautifully and we are all in business.¬†

It is an interesting pattern so far.¬† The diamonds are an every other row motif while the trees between are every row.¬† The really interesting bits should come when the center is done and the borders have been picked up.¬† Since it is garter stitch, you have two choices, do each quadrant of the border (square shawl and all that) separately and then sew them together.¬† Not exactly my first choice as I try to do as little sewing, especially on lacework, as possible!¬† The other is to purl every other round.¬† Seeing as I knit Eastern Uncrossed (or combined knitting as others are wont to call it), purling isn’t such a big deal to me.¬† I’m just not used to much stitch manipulation on the purl.¬† I guess I’ll get comfy with it pretty soon.

odd radio

In other news, I discovered my car doesn’t like the rain.¬† Or the sprinkler.¬† I noticed this last summer/fall.¬† On rainy days or days when I parked too close to the front lawn and the car got wet, the radio display was flaky.¬† It either was blank, flickered or showed gibberish.¬†¬† And then it stopped.¬† Probably because fall came, the rains stopped and the sprinklers were winterized.¬† Then I forgot all about it.¬† Until yesterday.¬† The rains returned.¬† It has now been raining forever, well okay, more like three days.¬† Here is how it displayed this morning.¬† I called Toyota to ask about it.¬† After a few¬†questions as to model (Sienna), year (2006) and mileage (@9000) I was told they’d order me a new radio.¬† Since I wasn’t near the car I have to call back with the exact mileage on my car and the model number of the radio.¬† It still plays music, thank goodness, but it is always amusing to see what it has to say for itself.¬†¬† I hope it wasn’t cursing at me this morning!

Craft on!

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