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April 25th, 2008 · 7 Comments

I feel an inexorable pull towards lace projects now, especially with the warmer weather upon us.¬† I have zero desire to sit with a big pile o’wool in my lap, even with the A/C on as it has been the last few nights at home.¬† I think the remaining sweaters in my WIP pile (Ballerina, Kauni and Autumn Rose) will go into hibernation until the end of the summer OR I burn out on making lace and socks (which will be mental vacation from lace).

Now I do realize I have a couple of lace items already in the works namely the Orkney Pi, Leaf Lace and oh yeah Tina, but I’m really itching to do a cobweb shawl.¬†¬† You might remember that this past summer I developed an attachment to¬†a particular pattern and have been swatching on and off (not to mention amassing a variety of cobweb weight yarns) since.¬† I’m “this close” to finalizing that decision.¬† It is down to two with one still needing a swatch.¬† I balled that sucker up, now I just need to sit down with the needles.¬† Maybe this weekend.


Anyway, I have a bit of a quandry.¬† In the interim, I picked up another Sharon Miller pattern or two.¬† Then last night as Jessica and I were leaving MY, I spotted new Habu cones.¬† Sitting right out front was this gorgeous brown that reads plum in some lights of 60/2 Kenbo Silk.¬† I fell in love with it on the spot.¬† When a yarn yells that loudly, you must have it.¬†¬† So I bought two cones, which is about 3600yds.¬† Enough for WRS, but not Princess.¬† I thought about readjusting what I had earmarked for WRS, but nothing was enough to do Princess and the 60/2 was the PERFECT weight for it too.¬† I called MY this morning, they have 2 more cones in the brown that are now put on the side for me :)¬† I’ll have to swatch to find the right size needle though the ones Sharon suggests for this weight is either¬†a US00 or US0.¬† {hee hee}¬† Let my summer of madness lace begin!

Oh wait, where’s the quandry you ask.¬† Um, here it is.¬† Which of these insane shawls do I start with?¬† Or do I bypass jumping into the deep end of the cobweb pool and perhaps start with something smaller like the Unst stole that I have had the yarn for a while?¬† Or as was suggested to me last night that if I start smaller, won’t I burn out on lace before I even get to the good stuff? Good point.¬† Sigh.¬†

Craft on!

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