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April 24th, 2008 · 9 Comments

Sorry no post yesterday.¬† I was really busy at work and well, so deeply involved in what I was doing that I completely lost track of time.¬† Before I knew it, I’d missed my ferry and subsequently, my regular train.¬† Oh well.¬† I made progress on the project, but other than a break for lunch with Kim, I kept my head down.

Shaped V-Neck

I started off yesterday being this close to finishing Shaped V-Neck.¬† That was roughly 18 rounds of stockinette and another 8 of seed stitch.¬† I’d have to studiously ignore the thing (like by reading a book to not finish it).¬†

By the end of my ferry ride to the office, I was into the seed stitch.  I bound off halfway through my trip home last night.

KP&S Shaped V-Neck

After getting the monkeys into bed, I wove in all the ends.  Using the spit join, which totally freaks out the muggles on the train mind you, I minimize the number of ends.  Yeah on that.  Still, there was about 10 minutes worth of end weaving. 

Then the moment of truth:¬† I tried it on.¬† LOVE IT.¬† Sorry for the truly dorky picture.¬† Honestly, this was the best of them though.¬† I did a quick steam block to keep the seed stitch bands from rolling.¬† But it needs a better blocking.¬† Didn’t keep me from wearing it today!


Amazing how fast a project can be completed when you actually focus on it!¬† What am I focusing on now?¬† Clap-Two!¬† I found the yarn a few weeks ago so I could go back to it.¬† By my reckoning, I’m a third of the way through it.¬†¬†This sucker is going down soon too.¬† As a refresher, I’m using Lorna’s Lion & Lamb in the Black Pearl that I picked up on the old Destash list for an excellent price.¬† Love this stuff.

Now for the bad news.  I found out that I was misinformed regarding the whole school board elections and the full day KG question in particular.  Thanks to a new state law, 60 percent voter approval was required. 

“Voters rejected a proposal to spend an additional $735,500 for a new full-day kindergarten program. That money would have paid for nine new classroom teachers in each elementary school, one physical education teacher, six lunch aides and one art/music teacher. To succeed, the ballot question needed 60 percent of the vote, but barely eclipsed 50 percent in a 2,191 to 2,190 result.”

Doh.¬†¬† Not sure where the monkeys will be going to KG though the half day public and that aftercare program is looking attractive.¬† Probably depends how it compares costwise to the center they are at now, where there is a full day accredited KG.¬† Always something isn’t it?

Craft on!

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