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One Crazy Fiber Lady


April 22nd, 2008 · 5 Comments


I’m just zipping right along on Shaped V-Neck.¬† I took this picture this morning along side the East River after getting off the ferry.¬† For a change, you can get a decent idea of the actual color.¬† I’m using one of the Cascade 220 Quatro in #9436 .¬† This has a blend of Oranges and Pinks that I just adore.

(As always click to embiggen.)

I managed to “out” another knitter on the ferry yesterday morning when she said to me:¬† “Your clapotis is beautiful.”¬† Yeah, no one but a knitter knows what that scarf like thing I had wrapped around my neck was!¬†¬†¬† Hopefully I’ll run into her again.¬† This time of year is just perfect for clapotis.¬† Paired with a light wool jacket and I’m comfy for the cool mornings and evenings.¬† Leave off the jacket and I’m ready to go at lunch time.

I discovered a problem that cropped up when I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 last week.¬† I wasn’t getting email notification when people left comments on a post.¬† I didn’t even notice until I checked the comment section in the WordPress dashboard.¬† After a day or so (and a post where people actually commented, thank you!), I noticed a pattern and made an adjustment so hopefully now I’ll get all notices and will be able to reply to you.¬† My apologies if I haven’t yet.

What else is there?¬† Oh yeah, diet is going well.¬† I have to admit to a big faux pas yesterday.¬† In my previous low carbing, default breakfast was always eggs and bacon.¬†¬† Add in that recently (since changing jobs at least), breakfast has been from the deli across the street, bacon/egg/cheese on a roll.¬† Gotta love NYC :)¬† Soooo, to stop the bread in both low-carb/passover mode, I ordered it without the roll.¬† I completely forgot the whole bacon isn’t kosher thing.¬† Sigh.¬† This morning I had turkey bacon.¬† Not too bad.¬†


I’ve also been checking out applications for my PDA to keep track of my daily carb intake.¬† My current PDA is also my new cell phone.¬† I have an HTC Mogul that I got from Sprint.¬† It has a slide out QWERTY keyboard that is just great to type on.¬† Battery life isn’t too bad and if I can remember to shut off a few things, I can go more than one night without charging it.¬† Fortunately it does charge with one of those small USB plugs that my camera also uses (and 9000 other devices) so I have a cable just about everywhere.¬† Anyway, it runs Win Mobile 6.0 and I have it mated with both the Mac’s at home and my Vista machine at the office.¬† Neat.¬† As an added bonus, I can tether it to my Macbook via bluetooth and use it to surf the net where there is no wifi hotspot.¬† Extra slick.

But I digress again….I’ve been auditioning software to keep track of carb intake.¬† The one from Atkins wasn’t so good.¬† In trial mode it only allows for 4 start ups before you have to lay out $39.99 for it.¬† It doesn’t run all that well at all and I had display issues when sliding out the keyboard on my phone.¬† Normally the display redraws in the horizontal orientation and resizes.¬† This one didn’t do it properly and the scroll was missing so I couldn’t get to the bottom of the page to click the OK buttons.¬† Also the keyboard icon on the screen didn’t actually activate the icon.¬† Most notably, I couldn’t sync the phone with my Vista desktop when the app was running.¬† Blech.

I’m trying something new today that looks worlds better and at least performs better.¬† Weight-By-Date has both the Win/Palm based tracker.¬† It is cheaper at $27 for a download only version.¬† Gives you 15 days to play with it before having to buy or delete.¬† It isn’t locked into a particular diet system so there is much greater flexibility with it.¬† The app responds as expected with the keyboard icon actually activating the onscreen keyboard.¬† I can also sync with it running as well.¬† That’s two in its favor.¬† There’s also sections for recording exercise and the calories that various activities burn.¬† It is running fine installed to my SD card (2 GB ) so it doesn’t eat up the small amount of built in space.¬†Only been a couple of hours (and only one meal) but it is looking like a winner.¬†

Craft on!

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