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April 18th, 2008 · 12 Comments

Is it true?¬† Could it be possible?¬† Am I really post five (5) days in a row?!¬† I think the last time that happened was 2 or 3 years ago ;)¬† Don’t worry, I doubt I can keep it up very long.

It is soooo gorgeous outside that I just can’t stand being inside.¬† I might have brought lunch but I’m definitely going to go out for¬† a leeetle walk this afternoon.¬† Too nice not to.¬† And I, again, wore a skirt today!¬† I dress so much better during warmer weather 🙂

Anyway, lunch with Nancy yesterday was fun as always.¬† We dined at the Heartland Brewery at South Street.¬† Sadly, they had no free tables outside in the sunny area and it was just a tad chilly in the shade so we ate inside.¬† Food was good.¬† Can’t beat good food and great friends!¬†

Shaped V-Neck

Work on the Shaped V-Neck is progressing.¬† At the SnB last night I started/completed the ties.¬† Yes, there are some ends that need to be worked in, but not as much as could be there.¬† I love the spit-join method.¬† I’ve started the first sleeve and am progressing through the decreases in it.¬† (And yes, that is the front seat of my car – I got to the station early this morning 🙂

I have to admit, the pattern, while beautiful and which will result in a much beloved sweater, has some annoyances.¬† Like in the sleeve for instance.¬† It is inconsistently written.¬† With regards to decreases/increases especially, some places there is an actual number of times to do that combination (repeat 6 times) which are then followed by a remainder stitch count variety (repeat until 46 remain).¬† It is an insurmountable problem?¬† No.¬† I can count pretty well.¬† I’m better a calculus than simple math, but I can still count.¬†¬† I’m going to count the repeats that are necessary and make note of it so the next go’round on this pattern is a little less annoying.

This weekend proves to be a busy one.¬† Tomorrow is a gathering at Jessica’s of a bunch of fiber folk which shall be fun, followed by the first Seder.¬† It is MATZAH time!¬† weeeee.¬† Happy Passover to the observers.¬† Have a great weekend to everyone.

Craft on!

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