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Spring Days

April 17th, 2008 · 3 Comments

I hope everyone ignored my whining in yesterday’s post.¬† I was just tired.¬† I’d had about 5 hours sleep each nice since Sunday and it added up.¬† I got to bed early(er) last night and feel worlds better today.¬†

Shaped V-Neck

Last night I got the twins to bed and I sat down with Shaped V-Neck and that slug-a-thon in the Bronx.¬† I’ve discovered that baseball is probably the perfect knitting sport.¬† Plenty of slow times to look at the needles if necessary and you can look up to see the good stuff.¬† Interesting game last night for sure.¬† Mom, the Yankee fan, joined me.¬† I’ll miss tonight’s rematch as it is the beloved SnB night.¬† Though, knowing how long these two teams slug it out, the game will probably be in the 6th Inning when I get home at 10:30 ;)¬† Needless to say by my cheery demeanor today, that I didn’t make it through the end of the game.¬† I turned out the lights when it was 9-9.

I did finish knitting the body of Shaped V-Neck.¬† I continue to be pleased as punch that I chose to make this sweater with the dead Orangebell.¬† I’ll do the ties this evening and start the sleeves ASAP.¬† I’m finding that with a touch of project monogamy, I can actually finish things.¬† I think the next project to get the full attention when this is done, is the Clapotis in the Lion and Lamb.¬† I recently found the other two skeins of yarn so I can resurrect it.¬†¬† With monogamy, I should be able to finish it quickly, considering I whiped out the first one (being worn daily now mind you) in about a week.

I’m having lunch today with my favorite Bronx resident.¬† The weather is gorgeous and currently 68F.¬† Ahhh spring.¬† I even put on a skirt today.¬† Oo la la.

Craft on!


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