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April 8th, 2008 · 12 Comments

My oldest WIP is finally complete! 

Yes my friends, I finally sewed the darn zipper into Ribby Cardi Two.


I know.¬† Totally amazing!¬† This sweater has only been sitting completed except for the zipper since, um, October!¬† And now an odd and somewhat dorky self portait of me actually wearing the thing…


After all that, I do likes it.  Project details:

Pattern:  Ribby Cardigan from ChicKnits
Yarn:¬† Cascade 220 in Black and Grey (8555 and¬†8400) – purchased at a yearly Webs sale (which¬†I’m trying hard to resist now)¬†:)
Needles:¬† US7 & 8’s I think
Started:  04/05/06 
Completed:  04/06/08

The dates make me smile.  Unlike my prior two zippered sweaters, I actually hand sewed the zippers.

The current sweater is progressing though not as quickly as it should…


I’m just above the armholes currently.¬† If memory serves, and I haven’t touched this thing since Saturday as I’ve been deeply engrossed in a book, I’m one row away from putting the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.¬† What books has had me put the knitting away on the train?¬† This one: The Other Boleyn Girl
I walked past it a number of times in the book store.¬† I needed something to read one day and picked it up.¬† It was a really enjoyable read.¬† Seriously, I haven’t knit on the train since Thursday and have been reading this since. Well that was until last night’s right home when I finished it.¬†¬† I placed an order for the next book yesterday.¬† Hopefully Amazon will get it to me tomorrow.¬†

Well, back to hacking code…

Craft on!

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