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Many sleeps

April 2nd, 2008 · 11 Comments

Oh geez it has been a while since my last post.¬† So much for the frequent updates eh?¬† Alot has happened since my last update that we’ll just hit on the bullet points.

What I thought was allergies bringing me down wasn’t really.¬† Felt like them but Wednesday morning (um 2 weeks ago now) I woke up with a fever and body aches that kept me down for the remainder of the work week.¬† Looked more like the flu then.¬† I started with my spring allergy meds of once daily claritin and flonase/nasonex so I’m better now.

I’ve been knitting.¬† I even made it to the sleeve on the Boatneck BlueOrangebell.¬† I took this picture on the ferry yesterday.

bluebellSadly, the fate of Orangebell is a sad one.¬† I tried it on last night to check sleeve length and my fears were confirmed.¬† The peeps at MY SnB can corroborate, but I suspected that the decorative elements around the waist would not be so friendly with my post twin pregnancy body.¬† This fear became a reality when I tried this sucker on.¬† Ew.¬† It is a gorgeous sweater and a great knit, but just not for me.¬† I know if I have to wear a girdle or kin below a sweater, it just ain’t going to be worn.¬†¬†¬†I started frogging it immediately.¬† I liked the yarn too much.

kps_cardi1This morning on the train it was officially re-purposed into a sweater I’ve been dying to knit since I first saw Kim’s.¬† It is a Knitting Pure & Simple top down v-neck cardigan.¬† I’ll definitely get some serious usage out of this sucker.

Monday was one of those EXCELLENT mail days.¬† My first fleece of the year arrived.¬† Let’s backtrack a tad.¬† For a few years now, I’ve been buying CVM¬†fleece from White Barn Farm.¬† Well last year, a lamb was named for me.¬† Here’s her picture…


Aint’ she a cutie?!¬† Anyway, it is spring and beyond new lambs, it means shearing season!¬† ‘Natch I had her lamb fleece reserved since early fall :)¬† It arrived Monday.¬†


My favorite, a black variegated fleece!¬† I might be feeling a little over ambitious, but I’d really love to use this particular fleece to make my first adult sized sweater from handspun.

The other arrival on Monday was this…


Yay.  A box full of bubble wrap and styrofoam!!!  My favorites :)  Unwrapped and assembled, it became this..


Anyone who didn’t see this coming doesn’t know me very well ;)¬† And no, I don’t have three of these suckers.¬† I shipped the no-name eBay purchse off to New Zealand as a trade-in credit towards the NZAK.¬† Also, the Canadian AK is up for sale (email or comment for details).¬† It needs a new home.¬† Soon.

Deborah served as a key supporter on this purchase.¬† We had an excellent email discussion after my post regarding Jessica’s NZAK wherein she gave me the same advice I would have given someone else.¬†

If you REALLY want that one then you should definitely sell the two you have and
get that baby.  Everyone should be totally happy with what they got and if that one is what will do it for ya, then why not?

Amen Deborah and thank you! 

One last thing, Deborah is fundraising for a worthy cause. 

 Craft on!

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