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Eye of the Needle

September 15th, 2005 · 9 Comments

Eye of the Needle

My mother just gleefully called to inform me that my son had escaped from the crib. I knew the day was coming when he would. I was just hoping it wouldn’t come so soon after the twins glorious escape from the Pack ‘n Plays. Ugh. I’ll have to remove the side from his crib. While I’m at it, I’ll have to do Kat’s crib as well as she’ll just follow her brother’s lead. He’s the vanguard and she’s right behind him.

Seems appropriate somehow that I’ve been working on a pair of socks for little mister escape artist. I started the toe shaping this morning during my commute in. Couple more rows and I’ll be done with it. Yes, my knitting productivity is WAY down recently. Between the kids, the cold (which has grown from little cold to full-blown bronchitis thank you) and the dating thing, I just don’t have the time/energy to knit beyond the hour or so on the train. Last night was back to school night at the daycare/nursery school. Miss Carla brought her daughter (a teen twin) in to watch my twins so that I could participate. It was a lot of fun and quite informative. I was seriously surprised to learn that they are already doing projects one on one with Miss Carla. I saw these cute little apples with tissue paper glued on with both of my kids’ names written on the back. Holy! Heck I can’t get them to quit eating crayons. Speaking of which, there was a crayon drawing with Kat’s name on it that came home from school on Monday! My babies aren’t such babies anymore.

I somehow doubt that Birchington will be done prior to the kick off of the Shetland Lace workshop that starts on the 24th on the EzasPI list. This looks like it will be a fabulous KAL/Contest with some really great prizes being donated to the cause. While that aspect hasn’t been decided, I think I might just work on a pair of Shetland Lace socks and incorporate some of those pretty little pearl seed beads. Mental note to self: need to find super small crochet hook for this!

I’m also trying to decide what to do for the twins second birthday party. How can it possibly be two years?! It seems so much like yesterday that I was bringing them home from the hospital. In a blink of the eye, they’ve gone from 36 week “preemies” to walking/talking/escaping short people who can feed themselves and express quite well their likes and dislikes. Heck, Kat even put on her own pants this morning. When did this happen? I don’t have much planning time as their birthday is Oct 9th. I think a small party at my folks house is what we’re going to do. Ya’ll are invited if you so wish, just drop me a note and let me know you’re coming so I can order the appropriate sized cake. Oh and Alex needs 2T fall/winter clothes 😉

Moving on for more in the dating saga.. those who read for the knitting and twin stuff can depart now with my blessings and thanks… Craft on!

(J) is history. (B) having gotten an email explaining my feelings and new rules opted to play within the new parameters. He’s now emailing the new address and no longer flooding my phone numbers with message after message. Actually, I haven’t received a phone call from him since. Good man. Thanks to the bronchitis and accompanying laryngitis, there wouldn’t be much in the way of sparkling conversation from me so I’ve asked to postpone our dinner date until next week. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I only sent that email this morning.

Here’s the lowdown on (J). He’s the one who called my office number a couple of times to get nothing but voicemail and opted out to the receptionist. Sneaky. Only to be calling to see if he could call me that night. A bit crazy in my book. Anyway, he called Tuesday at 9:30 and since I hadn’t given him the new rules, it was the perfect opportunity to do so. After declining his offer of showing up on my doorstep with chicken soup, I gently reminded him that I told him I’d call him to reschedule. This was met with a “really???” like it was the first time he’d heard that. Guess he wasn’t really listening to me when we talked Monday morning. Anyway, I proceeded to explain my feelings and how I a bit put off by his receptionist trick when he hung up on me. Yeah. Nice going. I then got an email from him through JDate which I do have to give you word for word:

You just passed up one of the best guy you’ll ever meet. I tried to contact you – what a horrible thing.

Nice huh? Naturally I couldn’t leave it like that. Here’s my reply:

That’s a bit presumptuous of you. If I recall, you hung up on me. Please lose my number and find someone else. Good luck.

He naturally responded:

You were angry and yelling. I only called you at the office to ask if I could reach you at night. Don’t women expect a man to be a bit aggressive? Let’s start again – I love talking to you.

There is so much here. Angry and yelling? Not hardly. There’s also a line between aggressive and stalkerati that he seems to not see. My reply:

If you thought that was yelling, boy are you in for a big surprise. I don’t appreciate your reaction, I don’t like being hung up on, I don’t like being called to see if someone can call. I really don’t appreciate your last email. Good luck to you. Goodbye.

I got one last email from him before I put him on Ignore:

There’s seems to be a lot of things you don’t like. It sounds like you’re the one who needs luck.

Is it me or does this guy appear to need his meds? The chain alternates between “you bitch” and “i love you”. Hell if he ran away because I was mad and yelled at him on the phone (which I wasn’t and didn’t), I can’t even imagine what he’d be like if he saw the actual temper. Umm, does anyone like being hung up on. I may be a bit deluded but I don’t think I listed a serious list of unusual or unexpected dislikes. Crazy whackjob # 2. Hopefully he decided to move on to the next batch of fresh fish that arrived on the service. He did have one little strike against him from the start. He wasn’t Jewish. Is that a requirement for me? Not really no. Would it be nice? Absolutely. I am Jewish and I did make a conscious decision to sign up on a Jewish dating service. I would prefer someone of the same faith as that does make some things easier. It surely isn’t required. I see my sister happily married for 15 years to someone who isn’t Jewish. Heck, my ex is Jewish and see how far that got me. It would be nice and that’s why I picked the service I did. Bye bye (J). Hope you can refill that script soon.

With the new rules in place, I’ve been able to catch up with the poor fellows who were waylaid by the monopolizers and have exchanged emails with a few of them. They’re following the rules nicely and I’ve had some very nice email exchanges. I’m having lunch next Friday with (M) who’s profile is very appealing and darn cute if his picture is accurate. Wait, that means a lunch date followed by a dinner date on Friday. Oooh bad me. There’s another two that I’m in regular email contact with. Its starting to look up. At least I can laugh it the mistakes to this point.. and best yet, have learned from them.

Thanks for the ear!

Craft on.

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  • 1 Elaine // Sep 15, 2005 at 2:24 pm

    J just sounds immature and gotta-have-the-last-word-ish. no loss.. buh-bye (oh man, I think I used up every hyphen on my keyboard) Maybe you should add to the dating profile that their maturity level must exceed your toddler twins. 🙂 Sounds like the new rules are better anyway and I don’t think you should be afraid to look for guys with as close to the same socio-cultural values..or at least experiences. At least TALK the same language. LOL

  • 2 Cece // Sep 15, 2005 at 3:38 pm

    Hey – I found my husband thru online dating. And I had to go through a HUGE number of losers to find him. I always would meet them for coffee or ice cream. Short time committment, but the abilty to stretch out easily if the date goes well… Aaron and I met for ice cream at 3 in the afternoon, and then he dropped me off at my place at 10 at night – trust me, you’ll know the good ones when you see them.

    Good luck and hope feel better soon

  • 3 --Deb // Sep 15, 2005 at 10:15 pm

    Having seen Alex examining the latch on our deck’s gate, I’m not at all surprised that he’s become an escape artist. You’re going to have your hands full, that’s for sure, but I’m sure you’ll manage just fine.

  • 4 Denise // Sep 16, 2005 at 2:09 am

    Wow, has a lot gone on for you since I was last here.

    My three are grown up. Time really does fly too fast.

  • 5 Sara // Sep 16, 2005 at 10:15 am

    Holy Tamole – that dating stuff with (J) would be hysterical if it were fiction in a book. The fact that it’s very REAL is downright frightening. Jeeze Louise – I can’t think of anyone I’d wish upon him as relationship potential.

    Go with the rules – they’re working. And the great thing is you can add or substract ’em (the rules I mean) as needed.

    Cute toddler sock. I’m still telling my kids to stop growing. They don’t listen.

  • 6 Kim // Sep 16, 2005 at 2:06 pm

    Ooohh…dating is painful isn’t it…..but we luckily second time around, we are much smarter, eh?

    Have fun!

  • 7 Lelah // Sep 17, 2005 at 11:03 pm

    Ugh, what a jerk that J sounds! And Alex sounds like he’s mechanically gifted– I’m sure he’ll keep you on your toes!! I remember seeing a handmade toy in my childhood that was a fake little door that looked like the real thing, but it had all different types of doorknobs and locks on it. It would be fun for Alex, but maybe you don’t want to encourage him? Haha. 😀

  • 8 Lynne S of Oz // Sep 18, 2005 at 2:32 am

    Golly – plenty going on in your life! And what is it with some guys – can’t take no for an answer? Wish I could help, instead of feeling glad I am not on that merrygoround again.

  • 9 Wayne Bienek // Oct 27, 2005 at 12:12 pm

    A popular story in our house is how my wife, when she she was a baby would flip out of her crib and come downstairs. Nobody knew how she was escaping until someone waited long enough and watched it happening.

    Could this mean that its time to put the little one in a regular bed?