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September 29th, 2005 · 7 Comments

In what is continuing to be an excellent week for lunch, I had a great one yesterday.  I had lunch with two wonderful knitting/spinning/blogging buddies, Laurie and Cassie.  We met first at Purl, moving next door to the fabulous tart place.  I can never remember the name of the place, though Laurie had purchased their recipe book earlier at The Strand.  Good deal there.  She generously treated for lunch.  After much talking combined with hearty laughter, we moved back to Purl for what knitting bloggers do best, yarn shopping.  Laurie came out with far more than I did, including two beautiful skeins of a cashmere/silk blend in a wonderful color.  I can’t wait to see the wrap she makes with it.  I couldn’t leave empty handed and returned to the office with this:

CashsoftFour skeins of Rowan Cashsoft, each in a different color and a US10 Addi Turbo.  I’m planning on knitting a Shetland Scarf for each of my kids’ daycare teachers as their holiday present.  Last year it was the booga bags, this year scarves.  I did cast on for the first one this morning during my ride in.  The lace pattern that I’m using is the New Shell pattern.  This is part of the Shetland Lace Workshop over at EZasPi.  I might, well probably will, use a different lace motif for each of the scarves.  I’m guessing it would be pretty boring after the 4th.  The yarn is just dreamy and I dare those ladies not to like them.  I think I picked some pretty user friendly colors too.  I had a fabulous time with Laurie and Cassie.  I hated leaving them to go back to the office, but I had to.  I look forward to seeing them at Rhinebeck!  Thank you ladies for a great break in the day.

Twist1bJust in case you think I threw Twist aside for the new temptresses, I have not.  I finished the back this morning on the train, before casting on for the scarf (on the PATH).  I just measured it again and am a touch concerned.  I am coming up a .5" shorter then what it measured while on the train.  I might just undo the shoulder shaping and add the couple of rows.  Or, I could hold the darn thing to my body, see if the sleeve opening is going to be deep enough and if it is, remember to modify the sleeve cap to account for the half inch difference in the opening depth.  Hmm which to do.  Yup, undo, add the 3 rows and redo.  I’ll never remember the sleeve adjustment (or will screw up the basic math) when sleeve time comes and will be faced with sleeves that don’t fit the opening. I’ll wad up the sweater parts, shove it in a bag and burry it deep in the sad closet of UFO’s.  I know what I’m doing during lunch today. 

For another chapter in the adventures of childrearing, my youngin’s managed to throw me another curveball this morning.  On top of being up 45 minutes before they normally are, they got out of their respective beds and played in their room.  I was half dressed when the noises changed and they started calling out for mama.  I decided shoot caution to the wind, let em out of their room and see what happened.  Therein lay the problem.  While they can’t open the door yet, they were able to futz with the lock and locked me out.  I don’t have those nice push button locks, I have the twisty kind and hadn’t really had to face those yet from the wrong side.  Blind luck had me opening the thing on the first test of the bathroom door before approaching there.  Beginner’s luck indeed.  I wasn’t so lucky when newly confident I tried their door, all the while listening to Alex tell me "opie" from the other side of the door.  6:45 this morning, I wound up unscrewing the doorknob and removing it entirely!  While I had the thing apart, I studied the mechanism and could unlock it with a screwdriver.  All the same, I remounted it with the lock on the outside so we don’t have to deal with this again. 

That’s how my day is running.  I think I’m going to be bold and give (S) a call tonight.  I’ll use the old "wanted to thank you again for lunch" entry point.  Can’t hurt right?

I need some input here.  I think the categories section is looking out of control.  Would anyone mind if I pared it down a tad?  There are projects there that are long completed, long ignored and link to what will be permanent UFO’s, etc.  I’m considering combining to a handful or a tad more.  Family / Beading / Spinning / Knitting – Adult / Knitting – Kids / Knitting – Gifts / Knitting – Lace / SEX .  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Should Knitting – Socks be a category too? Yes, I know its my blog and I could do whatever I want to it but I do value your opinion.

Knit on.

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