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jDate Update

September 27th, 2005 · 8 Comments

Knitting progresses apace on the new sweater in my life, Twist.  I’m well into the shaping for the back and the second skein of yarn.  Which btw, is the second skein that Baron has taken as his own, at least for a short time.  He strips the ballband off and then makes one heck of a mess out of the skein.  Blech.  I wound it into a usable center pull ball last night after futzing around with my work laptop trying to get it to play nice with the wireless ethernet adapter and still connect to the office VPN.  I could connect everywhere else except the office on wireless, but plugged in it worked so it had to be in the config on the laptop.  Lo and behold it was, but I shan’t bore you with geek-speak.  I can now do my work stuff from anywhere in the house with the laptop.  Go me.  Back to Twist, I shall not bore you with daily updated photos of the thing as it progresses another inch or two, maybe three.  Nope, didn’t felt Kat’s hat last night either.  Again, see the geek part previously mentioned.

Now for what most of you have tuned in today for, (S) and I met for lunch.  Yay!  Had to change restaurants due to no reservations available.  We went to the Mesa Grill instead.  That’s Bobby Flay’s restaurant on 5th Ave not too far from Union Square, and a relatively easy 3 avenue walk from my office.  I’ve eaten there once before, probably January 1999 if memory serves.  It’s a nice restaurant, good food, though a bit  crowded.  Didn’t stop (S) and I from having some very nice and comfortable conversation.  I could really like this guy.  He’s cute.  He’s nice.  He’s a good conversationalist.  He really knows the importance of children (has two daughters himself) and I loved the way he talked about his girls.  He seemed "cooled out" by the knitting and definitely the spinning.  I really enjoyed lunch.  I sent him a note when I got back to the office thanking him and letting him know I had a really good time.  I had hoped he did as well.  I gave him the phone number then too.  I got an email back from him that he enjoyed it as well and is looking forward to seeing/speaking with me again.  Ditto.  I was nervous as heck again before this date.  Ask Elaine.  She heard it in an email right before I was leaving and called me {shudder} normal!  Mom explained (I called her as I walked back to the office) that it was normal for me to be nervous.  She’s be worried if I weren’t nervous.  I guess normal isn’t a bad thing, right? 🙂  Well, I’m not nervous now and just happy…

Now to get that email off to (B) letting him down gently.

Knit on!

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