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Extra Extra!

September 26th, 2005 · 2 Comments

Update, we got your updates here. 

First, that Super-Secret Surprise Baby Gift project for coworker Marina is finally no longer secret and I can divulge it to the rest of you.  I had another coworker deliver the gift to Marina this weekend as she had her little girl on 9/11.  Yes, a less than positive day but with a new reason to be happy.  The circle of life and all that.  Anyway, I can finally post the picture and project details.

Sssbg1Pattern:  From Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Yarn:  TLC Cotton Plus (though the gold is Cotton-Ease)

Full project details:  here.

I got an email from Marina this morning thanking me for the blanket.  I hope baby Emma is half as happy with it.  For those that remember my stitch quota, what it translated to was two and a half blocks a day.  While riding the bus, it was easy to accomplish and was pretty mindless knitting of rows and rows of garter stitch.  Great project and would be faster as Joelle set it up, for a group of friends to knit together.  I have plenty more yarn as I only used a skein and a half of each color and ordered 5 of each.  Yup, stasher extraordinaire! 

Cfh1Moving right along.  I finished knitting the hat for Kathryn yesterday.  It was pretty late when I finally worked in the last end so I haven’t had a chance to start the felting part of it yet.  I need to dig out a bowl the size of the monkey’s head to get it right.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow, depends on how much energy I have left tonight.  I’m pretty tired now, but that’s because I had a carb-rich lunch at Benny’s Buritos.  Nope, not with (S), more on that later though.

Twist1a As a further indicator to me that I shouldn’t lead a KAL, (my last lead was that Recycled Sari Silk scarf-along that I HATED) I haven’t touched Eris in at least a month, have even discarded its replacement of attention Samus and am now working on the newest of the cabled cardigans to wiggle at me.  Meet Twist.  I got an email from ChicKnits yesterday announcing the newest sweater pattern’s release.  It had two of my favorite new features.  It was both a cardigan and had cables.  It had two other features in its favor.  The yarn from Samus met the gauge requirements and since I’d just recently swatched and started that, re-purposed the Wool of the Andes yarn.  Samus is now out of the WIP and into a "Someday" queue.  Oops, I seem to remember joining a KAL for it.  KAL’s aren’t my strong suit obviously.  Anyway, the other plus in its favor is that Bonne Marie designed it.  I’ve used several of her patterns, including the much beloved Ribby Cardi and very much like her work.  I started the back while the twins took their afternoon nap yesterday.  I had to force myself to stop and go back and finish the hat.  I like the shaping that’s built into this sweater so for the moment, we have a winner in the cardigan contest.  Well that’s until something else comes out from the woodwork to tempt me. 

Now, for the dating thing.  In talking with (S) to see if lunch was still on for today, he mentioned that because of meetings, it would have to be quick.  While trying to find a good central point for us to meet that would not be McDonalds and yet quick, I suggested maybe rescheduling for another day.  He initially declined stating that two reschedules "would make him a jerk".  Bonus points to him for this.  After explaining that I understood work pressures and wouldn’t think him a jerk, he agreed that a reschedule that allowed for a more leisurely lunch would be best.  We’re meeting here tomorrow.  He picked it.  Should be an excellent lunch judging from the email exchanges and two quick scheduling phone calls with a nice guy.  (S) has played by the new rules very very well.  I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

I have some stored procs to write and a batch job to test, so I’ll part here..

Craft on!

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