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September 24th, 2005 · 9 Comments

I have a lovely finished object to show y’all.  The Girlfriend Swing Sweater is now done.  Sweet little sweater for Ms. Kat.  I’m pretty sure its large enough for the little monkey that she should be able to wear it through the fall and more than likely next spring.  I had a little trouble convincing her to put it on so I could take a picture.  Mom got her to do it with a little sweet talking.  She’s a true cat and came straight for me as I held the camera.  I did get to snap off some very cute pictures, if I do say so myself.  I’m pleased with the modifications that I made to it.  Full details of that are in the album pages here.  (click for larger images)


And true to toddler-hood, after struggling to get her into the thing, she didn’t want to take it off.  I started a hat from the Knit Hats! book, the "Child’s Felted Hat" in the same yarn to match this cute little coat.  That should be done in no time.  Good thing I started knitting again at lunch, I have so many projects I want to work on.  Either Samus or Eris need to be addressed soon.  Not to mention the yarn that’s on order that I mentioned in my last post.  Someday I’ll take some pictures of the current stash. 

Hmm, I could be knitting… NOW.  But…

I’m sure that inquiring minds want to know, my lunch date with (S) was postponed until Monday.  I got an email from him early Friday telling me that he was looking forward to meeting me, but could I call him before our get together.  Sure, no problem.  Well he was getting slammed at work and wondered if we could change our plans and maybe get together at 2:30 for coffee.  Tough time, but then he suggested lunch on Monday.  Works for me!  Got to break up the two big Asian meals in one day thing I had scheduled.  Something to look forward to Monday for…

Now we get to dinner.  I was nervous as hell.  Surprised me too how nervous I was about the whole thing.  I forced myself to go, really, what was there to be nervous about.  I had free babysitting and I was getting out of the house for something other than work.  All good.  Anyway, I got to the restaurant and (B) had arrived before me.  Good thing he recognized me because I wouldn’t have recognized him.  Where I had used recent pictures for my online profile (borrowed them from my Finished Items albums – Ribby and Ribby Shell for the curious) he hadn’t and had changed quite a bit.  There were no awkward silences, conversation was good, food was better.  In the end, he’d make  good friend, but I feel no physical attraction for him at all.  It would have to be faked and that wouldn’t be fair to each of us.  See, I was right for wanting to put the brakes on all the telephone conversations I was having with him.  So much energy expended on what looked good on paper and went conversationally well, to end because of a lack of chemistry.  I’m going to call him and thank him for a lovely dinner and decline any further contact.  In the end, the first date in a long long time is finally under my belt.

On that note, I’m going back to the felted hat for the monkey.

Craft on!

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