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Tuesday is Monday

September 6th, 2005 · 8 Comments

Long weekends just confuse me.  I was just so convinced it was Monday that I had to change the title.

Okay first and foremost, my Uncle Richard is out of New Orleans.  We finally heard from him on Friday morning when for giggles he picked up his land line telephone and called my cousin in Atlanta.  What a relief.  At that point he had two inches of water in the first floor of his home (there’s an 18" crawlspace below his first floor).  He had filled up jugs of water before the storm, along with stocking up on canned food and beer.  He had a sterno powered stove and the batteries from his sailboat.  He also had a battery powered television so he was getting some news.  Through most of the weekend, the plans would be for his sons-in-law (Chris and Jonathan) to drive back from Atlanta, taking enough gas to make a round trip, picking up a satellite phone so they could call him as they got there, parking as close as they could and then making as many trips in the waist deep water to get the animals out.  Unfortunately this didn’t come to pass.  He was evacuated yesterday, though I’m unsure as to all the details, but from mom’s estimation, he didn’t put up much of a fight.  Sadly though, he had to leave the birds, dogs and cats (two of which were added to the household during the storm as he grabbed them and tossed em in the house).  He’s in Metterie now and hoping to get back to the house soon to rescue what he can.  What a relief to hear from him and that he’s out finally.

I took the twins up to the boat Sunday morning and we spent the remainder of the holiday weekend there.  We finally started up the engine, put PFD’s on the monkeys and took them out on the boat.  Previous trips to the boat involve hanging on the thing parked at the dock, bungalow style.  Its nice and relaxing and doesn’t involve PFD’s on toddlers.  They monkeys, while bitching pretty seriously about the PFD’s, seemed to enjoy the boating thing and fell asleep shortly after leaving the dock.  Yay!  Motors and my kids, happy together 🙂  Saturday night I had left the pair in the forward cabin on the v-berth to go to sleep.  Guess they weren’t sleepy and made a great escape.  I was sitting in the salon knitting when the door from that cabin to the forward head opened and two little bodies came marching through giggling all the way.  Oy.  Finally at 10 that night, I got them to go to sleep.  How?  I laid down with them and went to sleep myself.  Alex conked out with his head on my left hip and Kat with her feet on my right.  We spent the better part of the next 10 hours in a puppy pile.

This should come as no surprise, but the marriage of beads and knitting has happened.  The package from The Mannings arrived with Saturday’s mail and included two 2oz skeins of 10/2 tencel and 0000 DPNs.  Elaine suggested the tencel instead of the perle cotton the patterns called for and since she’s my beading guru, I went with it.  I bought this beautiful cobalt blue and a lighter grey.  While the seed beads that I ordered from the crack bead dealer hadn’t arrived, my order from Fire Mountain did and contained two hanks of beautiful 11/0’s, one in a copper color the other a white pearl.  I put together the pearl and cobalt blue and started in on the beaded amulet bag.  Sorry no pictures yet, but oo-la-la.  Love the knitting with beads.  Could live without the stringing fun, but it wasn’t too terribly bad.  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing with an amulet bag, but then again, I’ve not usually sure what I’ll do with the yarn I spin.  I’m sure someone will come up with a suggestion.  Oh 0000 dpns?  Pointy buggers.  Nancy pointed out that the new Rowan pattern River has that Kidsilk Haze and beads!  Ooooooh another project on the list.

One last thing, for some odd reason that I’m not entirely clear on myself at the moment, I signed up with a dating service ( and have been completely surprised by the number of responses I’ve had since Friday night.  Do I have time to date?  Yeah sure,  if I give up sleeping.  I haven’t dated since I broke up with the last guy right before July 4th weekend in 1999.  I’m soooo out of practice.  I had one phone call with a fellow who raised every red flag in my defense mechanism.  Needless to say I won’t be going out with him.  There are a couple of other decent prospects, including one that I was on the phone with until far too late last night.  We’re tentatively scheduled for a lunch date next week.  Should be an interesting ride.

Craft on!

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