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September 1st, 2005 · 8 Comments

One of those days.  I was just finishing one list bit in a rather lengthy, brilliantly written, emotionally deep and otherwise fabulous post when I got a little confused closing a browser window that I had open for a link.  You know where this is going right?  I’m using the maxthon IE with its beloved tabs and well, closed down the whole works 98% complete posting and all.  Since I’m only brilliant once a day and that time has passed, we’re going to do this Cate style with bullets and overall randomness.

  • I’m still waiting to hear word from my uncle Richard in New Orleans.  Last my cousins (or other family members) heard from him was Tuesday morning when he reported that the water had risen to the middle of his driveway and then had started to receed.  Cousins and aunt are pretty sure he’s okay and just unable to communicate.  They also advise that the house is in the 20% of NOLA that isn’t flooded.  Naturally, I’m still concerned.  My cousin Paige, who’s due in some 5 weeks, was directed to her sister’s OB in Atlanta where she’ll more than likely have my little nephew.  Doesn’t look like anyone is going home to NOLA anytime soon.
  • Bracelet1b_1 I spent last night watching the news coverage of the continuing tragedy, keeping my hands busy, much in the same way I used my spinning wheel thru 9/11.  I made myself a bracelet last night from a pattern I found on the Interweave Beadwork site in their subscriber area (the last issue I picked up on the stand had the subscriber-only password on it!).  You can see the whole bracelet here.  It is made from 4mm hematite beads with gunmetal delicas and a pewter toggle clasp.  My first bead order arrived and my second is scheduled to arrive today. I also finally got a picture of the necklace up in the album as well.  Note to self:  set up a light tent for proper pictures of beaded and yarny goodness.
  • The knitting and beading collision is not far away on the horizon.  I have this pattern ready and waiting.  When?  When the orders from Elaine’s favorite crack bead seller and The Mannings arrive with the needed supplies.  What can I say, I’m weak.
  • Fish1b_1 I finally did manage to cast on that second fish sock.  Took me until this morning on the train in to do it.  Boy am I a slacker.  It does look like I’ve managed to get the color repeats almost exactly the same as on the first sock.  That was a good mental note I made.  I held this sock to the first and the stitches are dead on.  Yay me.  Sorry for the crappy picture, I took it this morning on the train.  That’s my pink mohair "Kerry Blue" shawl in the background.  That’s been my train shawl for the last couple of weeks.  I made it during my last last phase some years back.
  • I had yesterday off so I took advantage of the hairdresser appointment that my mom was going to cancel and finally get my hair trimmed.  I missed/cancelled the last three so I vaguely remember my last cut being somewhere around February. Nothing special, just a trim with some fringey bangs cut in for excitement.  The fun was how she styled it.  Kassie used one of them nifty wet-to-dry ceramic flat irons.  I love the results!  It got my wavy hair pin straight.  She did give it a smidge of a curl under and I’m just digging it.  I did some googling when the twins went down for a nap.  Now I ordered this (same model she used), but also see this one and this one.  All the same model number, all on Amazon and three different prices.  You betcha I ordered the cheaper one.  The one I ordered appears with a Ships in 3 to 5 weeks delivery note on the product page.  I can wait, right?  Lived this long with wavy hairs, what’s another couple of weeks.  I just got the shipping notice.  It went out today, actually a day ahead of the estimated ship date that I got in the confirmation email of tomorrow.  Go figure.
  • After I blew away my witty post, I had to get away from the evil that is a computer.  I headed uptown to  ever crowded midtown and hit a bead store.  Yup, weak I am.  I had seen another pattern I wanted to try and I had to get more beads for it.  Hope the kids nap well this long weekend, wouldja?  I’m into beads in a big way.  I see a side business starting up before long.  Must support the habits somehow 😉

Prayers and thoughts are with those affected by Katrina.

Craft on.

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